Simplex Bravo Ribbon
Simplex Bravo Ribbon

2 Purple Ribbons. Simplex Bravo (black cube). Also Royal 50, 100, and 200. Long lasting cartridge ribbon. Made in USA. P/N SIX021000

Our Price: $60.00

Royal TimeMaster, Simplex 100  and Simplex Bravo cartridge ribbon
Pack of two.  Put one in a drawer, it will last for five years if not exposed to light.

Simplex p/n SIX021000

049911495499  UPC   EAN:  004911495499

Fits this machine:


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Key words:  Royal 50, 100, and 200, royal ink, simplex ink, Simplex Bravo, Royal Bravo

It's black, has a clear ribbon shield, rectangular cartridge, ribbon is about 1/4” wide, the ink is purple.

Mounts vertically, around the printer.

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