Acroprint BP125-AR3
Battery Powered. Day, standard hours and minutes

No Power? No Problem! Runs on 4 "D" cell batteries for a year. MADE FOR ROUGH CONDITIONS. Only ONE available at this price

Our Price: $375.00
Acroprint BP125-AR3

Accessories & Supplies:

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Click 81 7 Day Time Card1900L$31.00
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Click 21 Two Week Time Cards1900L-2$32.00


Rugged and Dependable mechanical time clock

It is also called a Job Clock, a Job Site Clock with 4 D cell batteries

“Made in USA“ Time Clock

  • Battery powered, 4 D cells last about a year.  
  • Beeps once a minute when batteries are down to 10%
  • Takes Energizer, Duracell Batteries (they are not included)
  • The Acroprint Model 125 can handle hundreds of print registrations per day.
  • These dependable workhorses are suitable for any size business in any environment. 
  • Dust, Humidity, Heat or Cold:  Bring It On!
  • One year guarantee.  The actual movement is guaranteed for LIFE

Acroprint Battery Powered Time Clock

  • Accurate and dependable — designed to provide years of trouble-free service. Carries a lifetime typewheel guarantee, and 1-year warranty for the rest of the materials.  There are two on the market that do this, this is the best of the two.

  • Battery (4D cells) lasts for a year, then “beeps!“ to tell you it's running down.

  • Prints on any paper form or card

  • Automatic ribbon feed and reverse insures long ribbon life

  • Rugged and durable — withstands harsh environments and thousands of print registrations per day

  • Survives in all environments, it will not rust.

  • It comes as Dayof week, standard time.
    Example:    M 315  which is  Monday  3:15PM 
    The 3 is undersocred, indicating PM.  M is in red.  315 is dark blue

  • The Model BP125 manual-print time recorder accepts standard time cards.

  • A push bar located on top of clock activates a sturdy spring print mechanism for instant registrations.

  • This model comes with a large, easy-to-read clock face and a tough, rust-proof case.