Icon and Paychex Replacement Mounting Plate
Icon/Paychex wall plate

Replacement plastic mounting plate for Paychex PST 1000 and InVision terminals, Icon Time Calculator and all models since 1992 including: SB100, RTC1000 and TotalPass.

Our Price: $22.00
Icon Mounting Plate

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Click 125 Employee RFID Key Fob10 RFID Fobs For Icon$30.00
Click 118 RFID Badges25 Icon RFID Badges$40.00


Mounting Bracket for ALL Icon Time Calculator and Paychex PST series terminals

Fits all models since 1987  P/N M1025-01
EPM, TimeCalculator, Icon Prox, RTC1000, SB100 and TotalPass (PIN, Prox, and Bio), Paychex PST 1000, PST InVision

Dimensions:  3 inches Wide x 6 inches Long
2 screw holes for mounting

2 case mount tab holes at the top (left and right)

1 case mount tab at the bottom, in the center