Lathem electronic time clock key and ribbon
Key and ribbon combo pack

Universal key for Lathem 5000, 5000e, Lathem 7000, Acroprint 175

Our Price: $13.25
699 barrel time clock key and ribbon

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DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 10 Acroprint/Lathem/Compumatic Ribbon, 2-pack390121000$24.00
Click 11 2 week time card, 1000 per BoxE2$41.00
Click 9 E7 time card, 1000 per boxE7 time card$79.00


Stainless Steel Master Key and ribbon for:

  • Lathem Models 1000e, 5000e, 7000e, 7500e
  • Compumatic XL1000, Acroprint 175, Acroprint 300 and a few others..
  • Includes¬†a key and a purple cartridge ribbon
  • It's a barrel key and a cartridge ribbon
  • The key has the number 699 on it.
  • Check around, you'll be back... ¬†This is an excellent value.