Detex ProxiPen Holster
Detex Holster GCS-PP-HOL

Leather Detex ProxiPen carrying holster. Cut down on unit breakage. Your valuable ProxiPen WILL LAST LONGER if you get this holster.

Our Price: $82.00
Detex Holster  GCS-PP-HOL

Detex ProxiPen Holster


  • Thick, black Texas cowhide leather
  • Sturdy design, protects the ProxiPen
  • Strong plastic clamp, locks it to your belt
  • Includes removable shoulder strap

Has detachable, unbreakable yet flexible belt clip, leather shoulder strap
...The shoulder strap could be used for a watch-puppy leash, not much else...
Use this and they won't bugger-up that expensive Proximity Pen reader.