Time Card Rack
25 Slot Rack

This adjustable time card rack holds up to 25 cards and can be broken (or split) to hold 12/13, 10/10/5, etc. Extremely versatile. Always IN STOCK.

Our Price: $31.00
Time Card Rack

Time Card Rack   25-9EX for long cards

  • Designed for longer cards, standard side printer clocks and Amano Cincinnati models CP3000, CP5000, Clipper, Acroprint AP200. 
    ---  Not the electronic self totaling time clocks or horizontal printing clocks. 
  • Black, hard plastic, professional appearance
  • Holds up to 25 cards
  • Expandable, selectable: It comes apart!
    5 racks of 5/5/5/5/5, 2 racks of 12 and 13, 3 of 8/8/9, and so-on.
  • They can be linked together to make 50, 75, even long 100 card racks
  • Designed for punch cards that are longer than 8 and one-half inches
    Make sure your card is at least 8.5" long, or it will disappear in to the rack.
  • These are the “standard 9 to 12 inch time cards“
     that slide in the front of the clock. You position them, then it prints
  • Expands for wall mounting, or just sit on a table
  • Color: Your choice, as long as it is Black
  • Includes mounting hardware and pocket number labels.

External dimensions, fully expanded:
         4.5"Wide x 33"High x 2” Deep (out from the wall)
         Pocket size = 4"wide x 8"deep - drop a ruler in to it, 8“ goes out of sight.


Time card rack, time card racks, this does it all.