Isgus 2040 self totaling clock
Isgus 2040

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ISGUS 2040  100 employee self totaling time clock with LOCK-OUT

Easy to read Bright Green Digital Clock Face
Red Print if late (set up Red print time zones)


  • Punch restriction schedule - see below
  • Weekly, bi-weekly pay periods 
  • Automatic lunch deductions
  • Equipment option:  Need bells?  Connect them to this clock
  • Pay to the minute, tenth, or 1/4 hour
  • Turn on, set-up In-Punch rounding zones (call us, discuss it)
  • Lock-outs:
      - Let them try to punch in “early“. The card will get rejected 
  • Duplicate punch rejection - stops them from punching back in from lunch,
       or breaks, before 30 or 60 minute required unpaid lunch time.

This is a 100 employee self totaling time card time clock

  • Calculates worked time by “Punch Pair” and by Running Total
  • Rounds printed punches (a programming option)
  • Rounds totals (also a programming option)
  • Records full Year, Month and Date on timecard
  • Fixed lunch break deduction
  • Power outage protection - has a reliable memory card that protects the time cards,
        the program, and remembers the elapsed time.
  • Blocks duplicate punches - set a 1 to 30 minute minimum between punches
         - this can be used to enforce minimum time lengths for lunches, like 25 minutes..
  • 2-color printing - If they punch in “Late“, it prints RED:  They're “busted!“
  • Large 100 employee capacity
  • Forget to punch OUT?  It doesn't pay “overnight“.  It protects you.
  • Automatic Daylight Savings Adjustment  - set it and forget it.
  • Battery backup protects program and time card records
  • Wall or table mounted.  Attractive european design

    Easy to use - comes pre-programmed. Just plug it in and go back to work!
    Overtime calculation - weekly, daily, and more.
    We program and test it before shipping.


The Isgus 2040 can be set to round to the nearest 15 minutes.
While this is not an actual Isgus time card, it works the same.
This example illustrates how this works for you: