Pyramid TimeTrax Elite Biometric
TimeTrax Elite Biometric Time Clock

TT Elite Bio uses your fingerprint as your ID. 50 employee network software, upgrades to 6,000. 90 days technical support. In stock, fast shipping.

Retail Price: $599.99
Our Price: $439.00
TT Elite Bio

Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 82 Pyramid 5300 Work Shift TimerTimer & Bell Power Booster$129.00
Click 87 6" 24V Pyramid DC Bell6" 24V Pyramid DC Bell 96dB$90.00
Click 407 Bell Wire25' Insulated bell wire$19.95
Click 404 Bell Wire50' Insulated bell wire$34.95
Click 93 BCD Cable 50'Master Clock Signal Cable$19.95
Click 95 Pyramid Digital ClockSynchronized 4" 4 digit clock$189.00
Click 232 Pyramid Dial Face ClockSynchronized 13" Child Clock$180.00

  • Biometric fingerprint reader 
  • Eliminates costly “buddy punching”
  • 50 employee software, upgrades to 6000
  • Runs on Windows XP, 2000, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10
  • Ethernet connection, multi-terminal ready
  • Allows for Department Transfers at the clock*
      * with optional Department module that is available directly from Pyramid
  • Battery backup protects clock time, fingerprint maps, and punch memory
  • Connects easily with Pyramid synchronized clocks, bells, and horns
  • Flexible rounding rules
  • Quick and very easy set-up
  • Point and click punch editing
  • Stores the last 6,000 punches
  • Automatic program data backup
  • Optional (and recommended) Departments Module
  • Post Sick, Vacation and Holiday pay codes to reports
  • Finds the clock for you on your network, change the IP address if you like
  • Calculates weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly pay periods
  • Calculates over time on a weekly basis, and daily (built-in option)
  • Supports multiple pay cycles for different classes of employees
  • Prints time cards, saves them to your computer for reports
  • Exports to ADP, Excel, Paychex, QuickBooks and more
  • One Year Factory Product Replacement guarantee
  • 90 days toll-free USA telephone technical support

Pyramid TimeTrax Elite Biometric Features
50 employee software, upgradable to 1000 employees

  • Ethernet connection with multi-terminal capability
  • Built-in and optional time synchronization from:
    The Pyramid Synchronized Clock System (gets the time from the web!)
  • Built-in onboard battery and memory backup
  • Comprehensive software is simple, smart
    Numeric keypad allows for Department Transfers (upgrade)

TimeTrax Elite allows for many more options, including
synchronized digital or analog wall clocks 

TimeTrax Elite can also ring bells and horns, if you have a school or production area, assuring people get to class, or to their job, at the correct time.

TimeTrax Pro optional upgrades:

  • Synchronized digital or analog wall clocks and bell/horn systems
    This unique feature lets you sync all the clocks and employees in
       your facility to the same master system clock time.
       This will assure that everyone in the workplace is on the same time.

How to set up the Pyramid TimeTrax Software

Installing Time Trax:

  • Connect the clock using the CAT5 cable and power supply
  • Install the CD, then install TimeSynch program
  • Select “Refresh Devices,“ it will find the clock for you, automatically.
  • Select Run TimeTrax, the follow the wizards and prompts.

Upgrading from earlier TimeTrax systems?  Read this:
This is some recent factory correspondence to a customer who has had a TimeTrax system since 2004:

"Once they have purchased the TT Elite, the customer can call us.
We can save their database, remove their old software and give them the new software.
When that is done, we put the old database into the new software. 
It is also important that they register the employees with the same numbers they have on the TT system when they register them on the Elite system."

Pyramid TimeTrax Elite clocks can run "master clocks" and also ring shop bells on schedule.

Requires a Pyramid 5300 module, item 82, above.
This is the software for the workshift or school timer.  


This Plug and Play system can actually run digitial and analog clocks in your building, and even run bells or buzzers - imagine a campus or light manufacturing setting..

The clocks can plug right in to the biometric reader, bells require one small piece of hardware.

Work professionals, call us, we make it affordable and we take the pressure off of you.