Pyramid Digital Clock
Synchronized 4" 4 digit clock

4" tall bright red numbers on a stark black background. Connects to Pyramid Master Clock and to many Pyramid time clocking terminals #41357G

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4" tall numbers Pyramid wired digital clock   P/N 41357G

Pyramid™ 4" Digital Slave Clock For Systems With Molex/RFJ45 Connector, Black

Excellent for manufacturing, schools, hospitals and airport hallways



  • Interfaces with most master clock controls
  • Must be used with a clock system with molex or RJ45 connector.
  • Can be set to a 12-hour or 24-hour format.
  • 2 time setting modes for fast and slow setting of display times.
  • Large 4" digital display uses bright LED technology for high visibility, over 150'.
  • 9-volt battery backup maintains time internally should power fail (9V battery sold separately).
  • For use with the TimeTrax Pro or PTI4000 Time Clock System or other master clock controllers.
  • Made in the USA.
  • 4" inch bright red LED numbers on a very black background*
    To be clear:  The actual numbers are 4 inches tall. Add the case and it's a 6" tall box.
  • Black hard plastic housing
  • Gets time from the Pyramid 7000 master clock and scheduled timer
  • Connects via cable to the master clock, and on to the next clock
  • Surface mount to the wall, or hang from the ceiling
  • Plug in the power, plug in the cable to the clock, it's up and running instantly
  • No limit to how many you need, just add “Y“ connectors and link to the next one.


  • Large 4" digital display using high bright LED technology
  • Clock be set to a 12 or 24 hour format
  • High visibility, over 100 feet


  • UL & CUL approved
  • Black case
  • One year manufacturer’s replacement guarantee
  • Power: 110 volts, with attachable 6' power cord
  • Dimensions: 1.5“ deep, 6.5“ tall, 11.5“ wide
  • Time source:  Pyramid 7000 master clock

  • 50 or 100' Pyramid cable to connect to the master clock
  • “Y“ connectors to connect another clock

UPC 818256636320

Click here to download the factory PDF on how to wire this clock.

Put succinctly, The red, blue, and gray wires are only needed if the clock is being used with a non-pyramid master clock.

Black, White and Green are normally used to power the clock when used with the Pyramid 7000 master clock.  This is the 110VAC power. 

A BCD cable brings the time signal from the 7000 to the wall clock, this clock.


In standard english:

The letters are bright red on a highly contrasting black background.

The numbers are 4 inches tall.  0-23 hours or 1-12 hours, user selectable.
The minutes are 00 - 59, minutes only
Total black area is 5 inches
Actual height of the box is 6 inches, length is 11.5 inches, and it is 1.5" deep

Time is synchronized to the Pyramid 7000 master clock using only Pyramid's BCD flat white cables.  Additional clocks can be linked together from clock to clock only by using Pyramids "Y" connector.
Voltage:  110V which must be available within 6' of the digital clock.

There is a one year guarantee on these child clocks.