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Purple Ribbon Q: 2 per pack

Pack of two Amano PIX, TCX, EX ribbons. Fits all modes with the Prefix: PIX, TCX, and EX, also Pyramid 6200 and 6400. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Amano TCX, EX, and PIX series cartridge time clock ribbons

If your machine says PIX or TCX, this is the ribbon you need.
This is also the ribbon for the Pyramid 6200 and Pyramid 6400.
We guarantee it.

Black, Red and Purple are available
Why? Purple lasts the longest, is your best value

  • Premium nylon ribbon, won't jamb the printer
  • Made inUSA
  • Highest quality; you get a crisp, dark image
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Yes, they are always in stock

We ship to Canada!       

Amano PIX Ribbons, in stock

Amano TCX Ribbons, in stock

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This ribbon will fit all Amano PIX and TCX time clocks, including but not limited to:

Amano PIX 10      Amano PIX 11     Amano PIX 15     Amano PIX 21
Amano PIX 28      Amano PIX 45     Amano PIX 55     Amano PIX 75
Amano PIX 200    Amano PIX 3000


Amano part number CE-315151

This ribbon fits these models::

PIX 10, PIX 15, PIX 20, PIX 21,PIX 25, PIX 28, PIX 55, PIX 95

TCX 11, TCX21,TCX 45, TCX 75, TCX 85, TCX 90, PIX 3000

PIX10, PIX15, PIX20, PIX21,PIX25, PIX28, PIX55, PIX95

TCX11, TCX21, TCX45, TCX75, TCX85, TCX90, PIX3000

Note: Our PIX ribbons are Made In USA

This ribbon will fit all Amano TCX time clocks, including but not limited to:

Amano TCX11     Amano TCX21     Amano TCX45  
    Amano TCX85
Amano TCX-11    Amano TCX-21    Amano TCX-45    
Amano TCX-85
Amano TCX 11    Amano TCX 21    Amano TCX 45    Amano TCX 85

Amano part number CE-315151
Note, our TCX ribbons are made in USA

The PIX ribbon also fits the Pyramid 6200 and Pyramid 6400 time clocks


How to change an Amano PIX Ribbon - same goes for the TCX Ribbon:

Put the plastic key in to the back of the machine, turn it, and remove the cover.
The ribbon is held on at the top.  It's hinged at the top.
There are plastic tabs that you press up on the left and right, which releases the pin that holds it in place.
The ribbon the arcs out from the bottom up.  And it comes right off.