PIX Key and ribbon
Amano PIX Key and PIX Ribbon

Amano PIX key, plastic pix key, and purple Amano PIX ribbon.

Our Price: $14.00
Amano PIX ribbon and church key

Amano PIX15 Key and PIX Ribbon

Fits all Amano PIX clocks that use the plastic key.

Fits many different Amano PIX series clocks.  PIX10, PIX15 and others.

Some PIX clocks have metal keys (a thin slot), this is not for them.
The ribbon will fit, but it would be the wrong key.  Default ribbon is dark purple.
If you prefer BLACK, tell us in the customer comments section of the checkout process.

If you have any doubt, please make the call before ordering.

Free owners manual download.  PIX10, PIX15, PIX21 and PIX28 all are "the same."
http://www.employeetimeclocks.com/admin/docs/Amano PIX21 and Pix28 Manual.pdf