Icon Upgrade 100 to 250

Upgrade SB100Pro, RTC1000 and TotalPass from 100 to 250 employees

Our Price: $175.00

Icon WET-250 upgrade from WET-100

This is an Icon RTC1000 upgrade to 250 active employees (system limit)
This is an Icon TotalPass upgrade to 250 active employees (system is limited to 500 employees)

and, although you are "stretching it", this is an Icon SB100Pro upgrade, also to 250 active employees (systerm limit)

How it works: 
You place this order online, include your serial number, such as D123-456-789 in the comments box found at "check out".

The order is automatically submitted to Icon Time Systems.  You will then receive receipts, and an email from support@icontime.com within a few working hours.

The email is an "unlock code" with clear instructions.

One tip:  Once you have installed the unlock code (this has to be done AT THE CLOCK, not remotely), unplug, count to two, then plug the power cord connector back in.  You are power cycling the clock. 

Once it has booted, the upgrade is complete.
It will not change anything, all your punches, your employee data, your employee lists, department reports, settings, they are all safe