Icon RTC1000 Version 2.5
Icon RTC1000 V2.5 Remote Time Clock

June 26, 2018: Out of Production. Technical Support, software upgrades, proximity badges and keyfobs are still available.

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Remote Time Clock

Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 115 Surge ProtectorPower damages are not covered w/o surge protection$14.95
Click 13 12 Card Badge Rack81-0116-003$19.00
Click 124 40 Card Badge RackSwipe and RFID Card Holder$29.00
Click 146 Icon Proximity Badges (10)Ten RFID Proximity Badges$27.50
Click 118 Icon Proximity Card BadgesTwenty-Five RFID Proximity Badges$55.00
Click 125 Icon Proximity card keyfobRFID Key Fob for Icon$2.75
Click 453 RFIDEAS External Card ReaderExternal Proximity Card Reader$0.00
Click 126 16' USB Extension CableUSB 16' Cable Extension$19.99
Click 323 Icon WET-100Icon 25/50 to 100 employee upgrade$125.00
Click 324 Icon WET-25050 to 250 employee upgrade$295.00
Click 306 Icon Upgrade 100 to 250100 to 250 employee upgrade$175.00
Click 326 Icon Email Alerts PackIcon Email Alerts Pack$125.00
Click 327 Icon Advanced Rules and BenefitsIN-Punch Rounding Time Zones, 3 Accruals$125.00
Click 328 Icon Web Punch ModuleIcon Web Punch with GPS Tracking$99.00
Click 330 Icon RTC1000 Factory Gold SupportIcon RTC1000 Support$159.00
Click 331 Icon RTC1000 Additoinal Clock Gold SupportIcon Tech Support, 2nd clock and higher$89.00
Click 463 Time Clock CabinetAll metal indoor/outdoor security cabinet$249.00


Icon RTC1000 Version 2.5 Web Based/ Network Time Clock

- What's in the box:
  • RTC1000 V2.5 Universal Windows and Apple OS clockl       
  • 15 Proximity Badges           12VDC power supply
  • Installation CD                     Quick-Start Guide
  • 15' Ethernet cable               30' USB cable
  • Toll-Free Technical Support contact number
  • 50 employee system, expands to 250, 16 clocks on one "network"
Guaranteed Lowest Price on the basic system and the badges.
Multi-user and multi-terminal capability, all included.
25+ years experience, advice, and guidance, included.

Click for video on how to set it up!

RTC-1000 offers:
  • Unlimited supervisor access - multi-PC is included
  • Reusable employee RFID time cards or unique PIN numbers
  • Who's In report - that you can see locally, or from anywhere on the internet
  • 32 Departments with included (and selectable) data field (tips, piece counts)
  • Department hours reports, department transfers at the clock
  • In Punch Rounding - for handling early punches by large groups of people
    -- Requires inexpensive Benefits Module, see information in the list above, about this.
  • Real-time data viewing,
    - and other options to improve your Time & Attendance Process
  • No software to load on your PC; it's built-in to the terminal
  • Supports ALL Pay Periods
  • Communicate via Ethernet, USB cable,
    - and anywhere on the World Wide Web
  • Keypad PIN or Proximity-Badge Entry - selectable by employee
  • Includes 1 Month Free Technical Support, 1 Year Factory Guarantee


Note:  RTC1000's and SB100 Pro clocks with Management Upgrades work with each other, they are not compatable with TotalPass clocks.



Icon RTC-1000 2.5

See the Icon RTC1000 Software Here!

The RTC1000 Payroll Export List

Icon Payroll Exports are free, they Include:
ADP (desktop version)
Paychex Online, Paychex Preview
QuickBooks   (Windows Quickbooks only, not Apple Quickbooks)
Excel (.csv) export

RTC1000 Remote Time Clock Features - the sales pitch

  • Plug & Play Simplicity:
    - No software to install, setup, update, repair, or maintain
  • 50 employees, 5 remote smartphone/PC licenses,
    - departments, manager passwords               
  • Multiple Connectivity Options:
    - Ethernet, USB, or Internet connection all-in-one clock!
  • Multi-Clock Connectivity:
    - Link up to 16 time clocks over the Network or Internet
  • Now includes 5 Web Punch Licenses!  Click here for details:
  • Use Custom ID Numbers, RFID Badges, or Keyfobs to punch in or out
  • Intuitive:
    Web browser based software means it's easy to use and learn (Internet not required)
  • Convenient:
    Automatically alerts the manager of overtime, high/low hours and more!
  • Universal Compatibility:
    Works with all operating systems, PC (
    XP through Window 7 and Windows 8), Linux and even Apple!
  • Secure:
    Stand-alone unit does not require constant PC or Network connection. All data is saved on the clock in case of PC or server crash. Save backups to a flash drive for extra security.

All Icon computer clock terminals are remotely upgradeable.
They use an innovative “flash” technology which rewrites the internal firmware.

What this does:
As the years go on, you normally have to throw away equipment - computers, time clocks, hard drives, hardware, etc.  Icon can electronically 'rewire' the terminal for new technology. As improved operating systems get released, the machine can be updated, and does not need to be replaced.

Several years ago Icon upgraded the RTC1000's from Version 1 to Version 2 by downloading an improved, faster, more feature loaded program. In 2014, Icon has again updated the operating system and all previous clocks can now flash-upgrade to Version 2.5  There was no need to replace any chips or other hardware.

Other manufacturer's require you to buy new equipment every few years.

Not Icon.  The RTC1000 is Future-Proofed.

RTC and TotalPass Attendance Report ExampleRTC1000_Attendance_report.JPG