Advanced Pack
Web enabled + Depts, and more

One-time charge: Upgrade your SB(100)Pro or P400 to 50 employees, 32 depts, custom PIN numbers, web and access

Our Price: $149.00

Icon SB100 Pro Customize Pack
Note: This upgrade will make your system equivalent to a P600

Adds these features:

  • Upgrades your employee capacity from 25 to 50 employees.
  • Adds off-site Internet communication - across the web, across the country.
  • Adds Custom Employee PIN numbers  (4 - 9 digits).
  • Adds "multiple supervisors," allowing you to have a manager maintain their particular employees
    i.e. Customize Supervisor LogIN, Permissions, and Employee Assignments
  • Adds Departments: Up to 99 departments - production, office, admin, shipping, hygenist, and more.
  • Allows employees to sign in to multiple departments - for better labor tracking
  • Includes 5 Web Punch licenses
  • For QuickBook payroll users:
  • Import your employee list from QuickBooks.  This could be a huge work saver.
  • Includes QuickBooks Plug-in
  • Adds Paychex and ADP employee hour exports

If you have an existing SB100Pro or P400 and are rolling it out to additonal locations:

  • Send punch updates instantly from off-site locations across the internet back to your "Parent" (home office) clock

  • Add Departments, up to 99 departments, so that you can identify who punched on which clock (location)

  • Includes a report generator so that you can run separate reports by department

  • Increases capacity to 50 employees

  • Allow you to use 4 to 9 digit PIN's instead of the ones that came on the list with the SB100

  • Allows the machine to be ported (connected) to the outside world.  
        All clocks report back to one clock, the "Parent".  All upgrades are installed in just the Parent.  Each upgrade affects the entire network.
        Porting instructions are included and are online.  Many people can do this themselves, or bring in their I.T. person to do it.  Icon will do it for $100 each over the web.

  • Employees will them be able to punch IN on one clock, and OUT on another - to track travel time, for example, and be assigned to multiple clocks.

  • Employees can be assigned multiple departments, they can select the departments (assigned to them) at the clock

  • There is more: Each SB100Pro becomes an RTC1000 with this upgrade

  • This upgrade must be purchased for every clock that needs these features.  
        An SB100Pro or P400 cannot work across the internet withougt this upgrade
        An SB100Pro or P400 cannot work with the other SB100's or P400's  if it does not have this upgrade.

  • The upgrade is an unlock code that you enter directly at the clock