25 to 50 employee upgrade

WET-50 upgrade. Applies to SB100Pro and P400 systems. Raise your limit from 25 to 50 employees. Fast order fulfillment.

Our Price: $100.00
Icon WET-50

Icon 50 employee capacity upgrade for SB100 Pro time clock systems

Part number WET-50     Web Enabled Timeclock "50" employees

  • Upgrades your SB100Pro system from 25 employees to 50.
  • It is an option code.  You order it, we email it.
  • When placing the order, write your system serial number in the "note" box at check out.

How to retrieve your Icon system serial number:

  • Check the back of the terminal Example: D123-456-789
  • From the terminal keypad:
    -  1)  Press the LOCK button.
    -  2)  Enter your pass code (password number)
    -  3)  Using he arrows, scroll up or down until it says: "SERIAL NUMBER"
    -  4)  Quickly, write it down. You only have about 10 seconds before it resets.
    -  5)  Hit the clear button 3 times to exit the program.
  • From the PC:
    -  1)  Log In.
    -  2)  Click the HELP tab
    -  3)  Click the About Your Clock tab

    -----  Call us if you have questions.