Web Punch Module
Remote Punch for Phones and PC's

Icon web punch application for iPhone, Android, or any remote computer with a web browser. Requires Icon P600 or TotalPass clock terminal. Details are below.

Our Price: $99.00
Web Punch

Icon Web Punch SmartPhone App

Click Here: Download the Factory Brochure (Adobe PDF)

You Must Have an RTC1000 or TotalPass Clock to use this product
Note:  P400 clocks must first have the Icon Advanced Pack for this to work.
The Web Punch Time Clock allows you to capture your employees punches anytime, anywhere using a browser based time clock that runs on LAN, WAN, Internet or a stationary computer.

This Web Punch Time Sheet is offered in packages of 5 licenses and will allow a maximum of 25 employees usiing RTC1000, P400 (upgraded) P600 or full-on TotalPassBio as the web host to clock IN using the Web browser interface.

The Web Punch also offers advanced features like IP location restrictions and GPS tracking to help better manage your employee's punches.

  • Employees clock IN/OUT from Web Browser over Ethernet or Internet
  • Employees can view total hours, last punch
  • Department transfers
  • Newer iPhone and Android phones with GPS integration allows managers to see the employees location on Google Maps
  • There Are No Ongoing Monthly Fees

Icon Employee Time Sheet Web Punch Module

  • You activate it by purchasing the license. 
  • Each license is good for one employee via their computer or phone. 

  • The "phone" (or PC) contacts the  clock in your office when you punch in and out.
  • Each order of this module allows you to select 5 people in your employee list
  • Gives them the option of punching IN/OUT via a smart-phone or desktop computer.
  • You can add up to four more, for a total of 25 employees on the RTC1000, P400, and up to 50 remote employees on the P600 and TotalPass

Icon Web Punch GPS Tracking with Google Maps Integration


Does not work with Icon SB100Pro unless it has the Pro Empowerment Upgrade.
RTC1000 is limited to 25 smart-phone and destop apps

TotalPass is limited to 50 smart-phone and desktop apps.

This optional Web Punch module available with the Universal Time Clock allows off-site & mobile employees to clock IN/OUT remotely over the internet or network through a remote PC's, or with iPhones and Androids.

It comes with the option to set up Authorized IP lists for each employee.
You can set up which IP addresses will be allowed and which are not.

When using iPhone or Android smart phone, a manager can view the employees punch location via Google Maps integration, if they have an GPS enabled smartphone.