Detex Reliant Plus System
Detex Reliant System REL-PLUS-KIT

Reliant Plus System: Reliant DAU, Incident book, 10 checkpoints, 2 iButton guard ID key fobs, Reliant software. In stock, fast shipping.

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Our Price: $699.00

Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 76 Detex Reliant ReaderReliant Station Reader$395.00
Click 97 iButtonREL-IB$5.25
Click 99 IButton Wall MountDetex iButton Wall Mount$2.25
Click 340 Detex ProxiPenIII & Reliant keyDetex reader case key$16.00
Click 339 Watchman iButton Supervisor or Guard ID KeyDetex Reliant Keyfob p/n REL-KF$8.50
Click 338 Detex Reliant Incident BookletDetex Reliant REL-INCBK$90.00
Click 398 REL-DAU-8 Data Transfer UnitREL-DTU$192.00
Click 352 Detex Reliant Technical SupportAnnual Reliant Support$195.00


Detex Reliant Guard Kit

All orders placed after 6/1/2019 are Windows 10 Ready
P/N REL-Plus-KIT-8

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Detex Reliant Plus Watchman Guard Tour System

Reliant PLUS from DETEX provides a complete, simple-to-use solution for guard tour verification and other data collection tasks.

Designed for Windows XP through Windows 10

Includes everything you need to quickly and easily set up a complete guard tour system.
 rugged Reliant data acquisition unit, stainless steel iButton® touch-memory checkpoints and the user-friendly Reliant PLUS communication and reporting software.

Click here to download and read the owners manual.

  • You need a bullet-proof system that requires your guards to go to various checkpoints and watchman stations.  
  • You need records that prove that the work is being done.
  • You want printed reports of the times and dates that your men checked the property, every month.
  • You want Exception Reports, Incident Reports, and more.
  • 24 month guarantee
  • With this system, you can do just that. 
  • Provides detailed records which not only justify the labor costs, it also helps you tweak the efficiency of your guard staff.
  • This sets you aside from the competition - you raise the bar.

    Detex allows one free technical support call within the first 30 days of installation of this system. After that, there is a nominal annual fee for support, if needed.

Reliant PLUS Kit

Reliant PLUS Kit    REL-Plus-KIT-8

Designed for Windows XP through Windows 8, Windows 10

Always In Stock, we ship the same or next business day

In the box:

  • (1)   Detex Reliant Reader & Case Security Key
  • (1)   Detex Reliant downloader - RS232 and USB
  • (1)   Nylon Holster
  • (1)   Password protected Reliant guard tour software 
  • (10) (TEN) Recording Stations (also called checkpoints)
  • (2)   Guard ID Keys (this is a keyfob with an iButton)
           -  Identifies which guard did the tour
  • (1)  User Manual (on CD in PDF format, printable)
  • (1)  Incident Booklet with 99 programmable incidents
  • No Batteries, you will need to source out batteries.  We sell them.


  • Multiple Watchmen
  • Multiple Supervisors
  • Multiple Recorders
  • Multiple Recording Stations
  • Multiple Incident Messages (using the Incident Booklet)
  • Password Protected
  • Archive Management
  • Exports Reports
  • Bi-Lingual operation (English or Spanish)

Detex Reliant Watchman Clock Software Reports:

  • All Security Tours by Date & Time
  • By Name of element to be controlled
    - Checkpoint-Station, Vehicle, Prison Cell, Guard number, etc
  • By Type of element to be controlled (see above)
  • By Recorder employed
  • By Incident Messages or Regular Messages
  • Missed Stations (Exceptions) Report
  • Wrong Stations - went to a place not on the tour - Report
  • Performance & Exceptions Report
  • Exports reports to Excel or other databases

Guard Sign-Off (download this)

If the staff uses this form, you can bet they will not break the equipment.
We made this, you should use it.