Pyramid Ribbon
3600SS, 3800, 4000Pro, 5000+ Ribbon

The 5000R Pyramid ribbon fits Pyramid 3600ss, 4000Pro and 5000+. Match your clock to the images on this page.

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Pyramid 4000Pro and 5000+ Ribbon

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Pyramid Ribbon UPC 044942740020   

Fits Pyramid 3600SS, 3800, 4000Pro and 5000+ Ribbon
p/n 43079 factory original parts, patented

This ribbon      fits these models:  

This ribbon fits these clocks:

Has no shield, that's the big difference.  This ribbon fits the newer Pyramid 4000 and Pyramid 5000 clocks.


Not THESE clocks:


The older clocks, see above - they all have hard angular lines, use the older ribbon.
Click on the clocks or this ribbon to be taken to the correct page, so that you get the correct ribbon.
 Old Style Pyramid time clock ink ribbon.  1998 - 2014