PoE 13" Wall Clock Kit
PoE Analog Clock Master Clock Package

Flexible infrastructure connectivity, including PoE or 110 volt. Microsoft based synchronized software with automatic device discovery. Read more, below.

Our Price: $1,495.00
Master Clock Kit

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Click 415 Pyramid 13" Power over Ethernet Analog ClockPoE Analog Time Clock$189.00


Power over Ethernet Analog Clock Package.
Add as many more as you like.

Standard package is this time format.
No charge upgrade to 24 hour clock.

POE Analog Clocks.jpg

  • Pyramid TimeSynch software  ($783.00)
  • Five 13" Analog Power over Ethernet Analog clocks, 12 or 24 hour format
    (190.00 each  $950)      $1,733.00 Total
  • Includes sweeping second hand
  • 90 days of technical support
  • 3 year warranty: These clocks are made in USA
  • Flexible infrastructure connectivity including power over Ethernet (or 110 volt LAN Network Time Source)
  • Microsoft Windows based synchronized software with auto device discover & universal or individual device time source/ time zone selection capability
  • ABS frame and non-glare shatterproof polycarbonate lens for durability and easy viewing.
  • Automatically adjusts for Daylight Saving Time and resets if power failure occurs.
  • Sync your networked computers to the same time
  • Pyramids Exclusive 3-Year Limited Warranty
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Additional clocks can be added on to the system
  • Optional bell scheduling is available
  • Field interfacing with most newer clock and sound systems
  • Made in USA
  • Built to order in Connecticut

You can also add the Pyramid POE tone generator to tie in to an existing speaker system, or ring bells.

Additional Pyramid POE Analog Clocks - also in 24 hour format
                    Pyramid 13  POE Analog clock.jpg

Additional Pyramid Digital Ethernet Clocks
- mix and match