Pyramid Wireless Master Clock
Pyramid Wireless Master Clock, 9T1W1

Factory Demonstrator, new guarantee. Only ONE at this price. Pyramid wireless master clock. Transmits at 915mhz, links to the NTP clock over the INTERNET.

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Our Price: $1,145.00

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Click 351 Pyramid Wireless 13" ClockRound Wireless Child Clocks$129.00
Click 406 Pyramid Wireless 17" CustomSpecialty 17" Wireless Analog$199.00
Click 418 Pyramid 17" Wireless Battery-Operated Analog ClockPyramid 17" Wireless Battery-Operated Analog Clock$169.00
Click 419 Pyramid 17" 24HR Wireless Electric Analog ClockPyramid 17" 24HR Wireless Electric Analog Clock$169.00
Click 358 Pyramid Wireless 16.5" Custom WoodSpecialty 16.5" Wood Frame Wireless Analog$179.00
Click 420 Pyramid 13" Custom Analog ClockCustom Printed Clock Face$149.00
Click 421 Pyramid 4" 4-Digit Wireless Digital ClockPyramid 4" 4-Digit, Wireless child clock$349.00
Click 434 Pyramid Wireless 4" 6 digit with secondsPyramid Wireless 4" 6 Black Frame$447.00
Click 435 Pyramid Wireless 4" 6 digit with secondsPyramid Wireless 4" 6 Silver frame$447.00


Pyramid Wireless synchronized master clock transmitter

  • Wireless 2,500' (1/2 mile) radius range
  • Signal-hopping 902 - 928 mhz frequency
  • Captures time from the NTP or optional GPS
  • Can also run bells (via cable with Pyramid 5110)
  • POE to clocks if out of range
  • Plug-and Play installation, with technical support just an (888) call away
  • Three Year Product Replacement Guarantee

                              We ship to Canada

Click to download the NTP installation instructions 

Frequency hopping design, always gets a good connection
  • Delivers dependable wireless synchronized clock signal through buildings and across campuses.
  • Designed to work in court houses, hospitals, manufacturing, schools, and multiple buildings.

Click to download the NTP installation instructions

No FCC license needed, it is the most simple to use plug-and-play system on the market.  This is NTP time (from the Internet), not Atomic Time.  Updates every 30 minutes, it's amazingly accurate.


  • 2014: Up to 500,000 Sq Ft Coverage 
    ---  1/4 to 1/2 mile from center, up and down one floor.
  • 128 channel 902 - 928MHz frequency-hopping technology
  • Transmits new time every 10 seconds
  • Sends RF time signal to an unlimited number of clocks
  • Field interfacing with other existing clock and sound systems
  • Internal clock and bright blue LED display for clear and accurate readout
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • 5” box top antenna, no external antenna is needed
  • Time source captured from NTP, GPS, and/or internal Network
  • Time source is from the internets NTP - within 2-0 seconds of Atomic Time
  • Solid, steel case housing for quick installation and longevity
  • Battery backup for maintenance-free use should the power fail
  • Note:  We use this same system in our office and shop!

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