CompuTime RFID Badge
RFID Badge - Q: 10

Reusable RFID Proximity Badges for Compumatic time clock systems. Once the employee has left, the card can be assigned to another employee.

Our Price: $25.00
XLS21 Badge

Compumatic RFID proximity card employee badges

Genuine Compumatic Time brand RF badges for the CompuTime 101 software driving time clocking systems. They are the standard credit card size with a slot in the end for gator clips and lanyards. Guaranteed for life, excluding melting, burning, or cutting.  These are clamshell designed PVC badges, nearly indestructible. Thrown them in the wash, leave them at the beach to bake in the sun, get x-rayed at security checkpoints,  they will not die.  RF badges have no battery. 

Around the edge of the card is a wire, inside the wire antenna ring is a computer chip the size of a grain of wheat. When the time clock badge is held within 2 inches of the time clock, the clock energizes the antenna.  The antenna then triggers the chip in the time card.  The card then sends out a long number in 1's and 0's.  The clock then interprets this code and links it to an employee time card list in the electronic time clock. From a user perspective, you hold the badge up to the clock, the clock instantly says "John Doe" on the screen.  It happens in a split-split second.  There is a second program that instantly loads.  This second program blocks the same card from reading again for 59 seconds.  That keeps the clocking system from reading the badge 100 times in a second.  It's like this:  John walks up, he either removes his badge from the badge rack or raises it from his pocket lanyard or wallet.  The clock says "John Doe" and prompts him to press the IN or Enter button, which he does.  Then John walks away.