CompuTime Professional

CompuTime Professional adds many useful features. Punch Rounding, Department IN/OUT zone rounding, mandatory lunch time, and more.

Our Price: $109.00
Computime 101 Pro Upgrade

Computime Professional - Upgrade to Computime CT101

  • Employee Shifts:
      Define up to 9999 different shifts. Each employee can have a different shift and shifts can be assigned by day (such as shift 1 Monday-Thursday, shift 3 on Friday).
  • Shift rules include the following features:
      Revision Zones (9 in and 9 out zones) - Control unauthorized overtime by not calculating
      time before and after defined shift times. A supervisor can override a revision zone at any
      time on a case by case basis.

  • Adds Department Revision Zones
    - IN and OUT time punch rounding - controls early in, lazy - late OUT punches
    - Cuts down on cheating the system for extra clock time

  • Punch Rounding
    - Round punches to a quarter hour with flexible break points. You can be as strict or lenient
      as you want and round in punches different than out punches. In addition, you can specify
      2 exempt zones during which time punches are not rounded.

  • Automatic Lunch Deduction (2 levels)
    - Automatically deduct lunch based on continuous hours worked with the ability to set a
      larger deduction for longer shifts.

  • Paid and Unpaid Break
    - Qualify breaks based on duration to be paid or unpaid. You can also enforce a minimum
      deduction for employees that punch out for less time than required.

  • Overtime Override
    -Set custom overtime levels for employees that are subject to different levels than the rest
     of the company.  This feature also allows you to apply overtime rates to an entire day,
     such as: "All Sunday hours are overtime".

  • Enhanced Early/Late Tracking
    - Each shift can have times defined to determine if an employee arrived early, arrived late,
       left early, or left late. In addition, the enhanced report will flag all early/late punches and
       provide a count of occurrences for each item.

  • Daily Hour Budgets
    - Track expected versus actual hours for each shift to help identify wasted labor hours.