Time Clock Motor Lathem
Lathem 1221, 2121, 2026, 4021 motor

Lathem motor. One year guarantee. Fits all mechanical Lathem time clocks. We can show you how to install it! One Year Guarantee.

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Lathem Motor

Accessories & Supplies:

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Click 200 Lathem Platen and Ribbon KITLathem Platen and ribbon$14.00
Click 55 Lathem 7-2 Ribbon 2-packLathem ribbon for all mechanical clocks$24.00
Click 11 2 week time card, 1000 per BoxE2$41.00


Lathem 2000, 3000, 4000, and 8000 series time clock motors

If it's a Lathem, and it has a metal case, this will be the motor
Always In Stock. 

...Fits these machines, and similar Lathem Clocks..

Better than OEM, this is the “REPLACEMENT” MOTOR

USA-Made Replacement, designed by a competitor, it has 3x more torque than
the original.  For one thing, it's quieter than the “original“. 
You'll appreciate this.

Don't just "fix" it.   Improve it!

One Year No-Hassel Guarantee
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 We stock ribbons, cards, and other parts for these machines.


I needed a key and ribbon for a 31 year old Lathem manual time clock. Your web site made it easy to find what I was looking for. It was easy to order and it was shipped with in a week. GREAT JOB ! Kiddie College



Look at pictures online, click here to see how it's done:
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Tools needed: 
1) A small flat blade screwdriver
2) A medium (#2) Philips Head screwdriver
3) A magnet to magnetize the screwdrivers (optional)

To begin: Unplug the machine

  • Remove the cover, using a magnetized flat blade screwdriver
  • Pop off the “C“ clip that holds the movement on. 
    - Watch your fingers, and watch that clip fly across the room.... 
    - It's at the upper left of the frame. 
  • Remove the movement.  This exposes the motor.
  • Back the two motor screws off, about 3 complete turns.
  • Remove the wires that attach the motor to the wire block.
  • Jiggle the motor out, then move the mounting bracket over to the new motor and spring.
  • Reinstall:  Do the reverse of the above.

Since it's already all apart, this would be a good time to oil the main shaft on the movement, and to change the ribbon.  Use a few drops of WD-40 on the moving parts.

This Lathem Motor fits these machines - and any similar looking Lathem clock.

Lathem time clock parts - the Lathem motor

  • Fits all mechanical Lathem time card clocks, including:
  • 2221, 2000 series, 2100 series, 2200 series, 3000 series,
  • 4000 series, 4100 series, 4200

Model Examples:
2021,  2022,  2023,  2024,  2025,   2026

2101,  2102,  2103,  2104,  2105,   2106
2121,  2122,  2123,  2124,  2125,   2126
2201,  2202,  2203,  2204,  2205,   2206
4001,  4002,  4003,  4004,  4005,   4006
4021,  4026,  4201,  4226,    and so-on...

                  Look at yours.  If it looks even remotely similar, it will fit.

When replacing the motor, you should also replace the clutch spring.
The clutch spring is press-mounted to the center shaft (not welded, that would never fail).
This bond breaks. As it slips under pressure on the shaft, the clock loses time.
We always change both parts at the same time our shop.

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