FingerCheck TA200 Wireless
FingerCheck Wireless Fingerprint

WiFi, TCP.IP and USB communications. Fingerprint, PIN, and RFID card. Collects and saves punches even when the Internet is off. Free USA-48 state shipping.

Our Price: $565.00
web hosted time clock system

Fingercheck TA200 Plus W (Wireless)
Biometric Cloud-Based, Hosted Wireless Time Clock System

Requires a month-to-month subscription to operate.
  • 10,000 Fingerprint Templates
  • 30,000 Transaction Logs
  • Communications:  WiFi, TCP/IP, USB
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FingerTec Web Hosted Time Clock System

Easy Management Tools
  • Access Data Anywhere, At Any Time:
       FingerCheck works on Windows and Macs as well as on all web browsers
  • Multiple Data Collection Methods:
       Employees can clock in via time clock, mobile app, SMS, calll-in and Twitter
  • Multiple Companies:
       You can manage multiple companies with the same Log In
  • Multiple Employee Statuses:
       Active, terminated, on leave, as well as your own customizable statuses
  • Employee Requests:
       Employees can send requests to supervisor
  • Fingercheck Mobile App:
       Supervisors & Employees can enjoy the Mobile App on the go from their smartphones
Cloud Security
  • Redundant Servers:
       All of your data is stored in the cloud on our servers, your data is save with us even if
       you move your office location.
  • Multiple Locations:
       You can link as many of your offices as you would like
  • Memory Stored:
       All data is saved on the unites even if there is no internet connection, or the power
       goes down
  • Audit Trail:
       All changes are stored in the audit trail allowing you to keep track of who made
       changes to the data
  • Security Login:
       Multiple different roles administrator, supervisor and employee
  • Multiple Time Zones:
       Different time zones by employee or by time clock is supported all in one company
  • Manager Users:
       Customizable roles and filters on a per-user level
Alerts, Reports, & Payroll
  • Live Alerts:
       You will be notified right away when an employee clocks in, or if you lose internet,
       and much more
  • 20+ Different Exceptions:
       For example, you will se who is late in, or who has left early (this has scheduling!)
  • Schedule Task:
       Automatically schedule certain tasks like emailing reports
  • 30+ Built-In Reports:
       Employee time card, weekly time card, paid hours report, and many more
  • Favorite Reports:
       Store your reports in your favorite folder on a company level and on a username level
  • Custom Report Generator:
       You can customize your reports from our data source
  • Customizable Payroll Cycles:
       Weekly, Bi-weekly, Semi-monthly and Monthly
  • Multiple Payroll Exports:
       Export to your payroll provider, Excel, QuickBooks, ADP, Paychex, and more

Advanced Time & Attendance Calculation

  • Job Costing:
       Unlimited Jobs, pay groups, and locations
  • Unlimited Premium Policy:
       Shift differential and spread of hours, etc.
  • Unlimited Rounding:
       Standard, range, up and down rounding available
  • Maximum Hour Policy:
       Cap your employees hours per day or per week / pay period
  • 7 Divisions of Labor:
       Up to 7 divisions of labor can be defined within the software (i.e. location, cost center, etc).
  • Unlimited Profiles:
       Set as many profiles and rules as needed per employee or per department
  • Unlimited Scheduling:
       Set a schedule for your employees start time, end time, and department jobs
  • Unlimited Overtime Policy:
       Weekly, biweekly, daily, monthly, weekends, schedule base & consecutive day
  • Breaks per Punch:
       Activate breaks & meals after a number of clocking pairs reached
  • Flexible Break & Meal Policies:
       Paid and non-paid, auto add and auto deduct
Track Vacation & Holiday's
  • Holiday Policies:
       Set auto paid rules for holiday as well as calculate double-time if the holiday is a 
       working day
  • Unlimited Absences:
       Keep track of all the different absence types for employees (i.e. paid and unpaid)
  • Unlimited Accrual Policies:
       Automatically keeps track of who accrues PTO (paid time off)
  • Absence Requests:
       Employee can request time off, and supervisor can approve it

Time Clock Software from FingerCheck

This is a low-cost solution to your time tracking and management needs.  With our mobile app, companies can transition into a paperless system, conserving valuable resources and eliminating the need for an employee to organize and track time cards.  This simple switch will save your business money and energy over time, will also streamlining he entire time-tracking process.

These are Monthly charges.                                             Price Per Month
Subscription Base Fee                                                           20.00
Monthly Fee Per Employee (minimum 5 employees)                  2.00
Hosting Fee Per Time Clock or Time Tablet App                       10.00
Additional Admin/Supervisor                                                  10.00
SMS Text Message Time Punch                                                  .02 per punch

Online Time Clock:
An online time clock is ideal for any workplace, as you can chose from a variety of plans and add-ons to fit your specific needs.  After the subscription base fee, you can add other top features such as SMS text message time punching, employee self-service, and additional supervisor/administrator, or mobile supervisor.  With a subscription base fee of just  $10 per month, our online time clock is made for small businesses on a budget, large-scale companies in need of new web-based time attendance system, and any place in between.

Low-Priced Time Clock Application
The FingerCheck time clock application is designed to make time tracking a seamless, effortless part of your company's day-to-day activities.  Administrators can access all employee reports online or on the go, allowing owners and managers to easily check employee absences and tardiness from anywhere with an internet connection.  Startups and small businesses can especially benefit from our one-of-a-kind time attendance system of they're working with limited funds.  FingerCheck offers its software at competitive rates in an effort to make it a standout choice for any company.

Below are instructions how to sign up with FingerCheck.   

Please click on the following link to signup  https://fingercheck.com/signup/?refcode=ETCL

Once you get to the sign up page there will be 5 tabs requesting your information. This information is needed in order for us to properly setup your company.

The first tab will have the referral code “ETCL” filled in already, just click next.

Then it will ask you for your company information. Please enter all your information and then click next.

The third tab, please click next and see your time clock on the list.

The fourth tab is the payment information tab, please enter your billing information that we will be charging every month and then click next.

The fifth and last tab is the account information tab. Please choose your desired user name and password, along with your payroll cycle information.  Lastly, click on accept by the terms and then click submit.  

Once this is completed, you will get a conformation email with your new login information.

Your designated rep will contact you shortly after to go over the software and give you detailed training.