Ares V Express Guard Tour system

Ares V basic electronic guard tour system. 5 stations, reader, USB downloader, Windows software. Track up to 1000 checkpoints, keep your guards working.

Retail Price: $510.00
Our Price: $425.00
Ares V Express

Accessories & Supplies:

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Click 552 ARES V M8000 Recorder01-0275-000$299.00
Click 97 iButtonREL-IB$4.25
Click 99 IButton Wall MountDetex iButton Wall Mount$2.25


ARES V Express Guard Tour system

Easy watchman tour tracking at a value-driven price.

Much like the Detex Reliant- but not cross-compatible.
Main Difference:  This is a system with a lot less reports.
Does not track individual guards, does not track or post incidents to reports. 
30 days technical support, no support contracts available.
Acroprint support, not Detex Watchman Clock support.

Records when the guard or employee went to that location by location, date, and time.
Tells you if they did NOT got to an assigned location, if they got there early, late, or our of sequence.
Or, you can set it for random locations.    30 days factory technical support. 
Additional support is sold by the hour from Acroprint. $90 per hour/incident.
Lightweight (just 4 ounces), small (just 4' long, fits in your palm).
Very easy to work with weatherproof reader. Rugged, drop it 3 feet (not repeatedly), it won't break.

Ideal for guards and other security personnel, hospitals, nursing home staff, utility companies, cleaning crews. Any situation where you need to be able to verify when your people have visited specific locations.

In the box:  AresV reader with security locking key, carrying strap,
rip-stop nylon belt holster, download cradle, Windows 7,8,10 software, and 5 stations.
Add up to 1000 more checkpoints.  Holds 4,000 readings between downloads. 
Powered by three AA Alkaline batteries.  This is waterproof, with a one year guarantee.
Operating range:  -40F to +185F     -43C to +128C     5% to 95% humidity  
Windows 7,8, and 10  Software is on a CD

M8000 recorder is easy to carry.  Made of reinforced Lexan polycarbonate.
Not affected by rain, bud, grease or dust.
Expandable:  Additional recorders, iButtons and mounts are available.


ARES Express Owners Manual

On the fence? Get all the information that you need, here.

Click on this line to download the owners manual!