Workshift Timer and Master Clock System
Master clock and bell timer system

One Pyramid mini-master, one Pyramid bell timer, shift timer software, power supply, three bells, three wireless analog clocks TimeTraxSynch software. Add more bells and analog or digital clocks

Retail Price: $2,495.00
Our Price: $1,999.00
Internet workshift bell system

Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 87 6" 24V Pyramid DC Bell6" 24V Pyramid DC Bell 96dB$90.00
Click 351 Pyramid Wireless 13" ClockRound Wireless Child Clocks$159.00
Click 424 Pyramd 3" digital display clock9D34SR$272.00
Click 421 Pyramid 4" 4-Digit Wireless Digital Clock9D44BR$309.60


NTSP Synchronzed Work Shift Timer and Wireless Wall Clock System

One Pyramid Mini-Master with TTBS Bell Scheduling software signal timer software
Connects to the internet through your network, gets the correct time from the NIST

system on the web.  902 - 928 channel hopping technology, no FCC license required.


Add up to 8 more bells, and unlimited analog or digital clocks, as needed.
Each master clock has an approximate transmit range of 250 feet.  Add more as you need, if needed, to cover your airport, campus, school, hospital, etc. 

90 days free technical support, one year product replacement warranty,
FOB Pyramid, Connecticut, USA


Three 13" Contemporary Wireless Child Clocks, includes the 3 year L-ion battery

    Master clock   Master clock   Master clock
One channel-hopping Pyramid wireless master clock for the above clocks
---- Range:  Approximately 250' radius, aka 50,000 square feet


   Wireless master clock          5300         Pyramid BCD
One 25' Pyramid cable which connects the master clock to the bell signal controller
One Pyramid 5024 four circuit bell signal controller, with 8 bell 24vdc output (booster available)
One Pyramid TimeTraxSynch software CD

Three Pyramid 6" 24vdc low voltage 96db bells

           41361    41361    41361
All you need to provide is 14 to 18 gauge twin stranded wire to connect the bells to the Pyramid 5300 signal controller, available at Lowes, HomeDepot, Ace, and most electrical supply stores.