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Amano Proximity Clock employee RFID key fob, pack of 10

Retail Price: $50.00
Our Price: $45.00

Amano RFID Key Fob   Part number AMX-308200

The Amano MTX30 proximity clocks can also use RFID key fobs, instead of badges.  They are more convenient and slightly higher security.

Everyone has a key ring.  This hangs on it.  It will not interfere with other key fobs or HID cards on their key ring.  It is also much more difficult to share with a buddy, or to randomly punch a pal in or out on the clock - which can be, and IS, done with standard badges.

They are guaranteed for life, with the only exception being obvious cases of vandalism - aka smashing them with a hammer, cutting them with a bolt cutter, melting them.. etc.

Just hold them up to the clock and it registers the punch.

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