Amano Time/Date/Numbering Stamp
Amano 4846-3706

Traditional automatic time and date stampnig machine with optional four digit numbering and upper and lower inscription plates.

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Click 628 Black RibbonBox of 12$129.00
Click 629 Blue RibbonBox of 12$129.00
Click 627 Lower Die PlateAmano 4600-4700 Series$85.00
Click 626 Upper Die PlateAmano 4600-4700 Series$85.00


Amano 4846 Date Time and Numbering Stamp

Includes all the features of the Amano 4746 stamp, plus a 4 digit consecutive numbering stamp
0000 ending then at 9999 then rolling back over to 0000
One Year USA Manufacturer's Guarantee
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