Lathem 400e Promo Kit
Top-Loading Time Clock

Non-totaling 6 column simple time clock with red print zones for late arrive, early leave. Can also ring bells as a work shift timer.

Our Price: $250.00
Lathem 400e

Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 692 LathemE14 Time Cards - 100 pack$12.00
Click 115 Surge ProtectorPower damages are not covered w/o surge protection$14.95
Click 268 Lathem 400e RibbonLathem 400e two-color ribbon$15.00
Click 12 25 card time card rackStandard self totaling clock time card rack$29.00
Click 84 Custom Power SupplyIsolated Protective Power Supply$65.00


Lathem 400e semi-automatic non-totaling time clock - that can ring bells!

This well-made top-loading employee time clock will help you organize those messy time cards, and even identify late IN-punches, and early OUT-punches (by printing the times in RED). It supports any time period, including weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly, all on one card.  You can set a schedule for it to automatically adjust the columns for in, out, and lunch punches based on the time of day.  Read more, below:

In the box:  
  1. One Lathem 100e with owners manual
  2. Two metal keys
  3. Two packs of 100 time cards, 200 total
  4. Two time card racks, each one holds 10 employee time cards
  5. One extra ribbon

Lathem 400e User Features!

  • Prints Month, date, day of week and time with each punch
  • Prints left to right, then shifts down
  • Can be set to shift from column to column automatically, avoiding over-punches
    **  Lathem will tell you how, one-on-one!
  • Or, employees can select the column by touching the appropriate button
  • Easy to change cartridge ribbon, lasts typically 2000 time cards before changing
  • Optional set time zones to print in RED to identify late arrivals, early or late leaves.
  • Optional internal alarm signal (for small break rooms) or add power supply to ring bells - see the options list, above.
  • Print in standard hours and minutes, or 24HR/ 100th's format.
  • One year warranty, unlimited technical assistance, if ever needed.

Free!  Download the Lathem 400e factory brochure here! Click on this line.

Lathem E14 time cards for the 400e time clock

 Lathem E14 time card  Lathem 400e.jpg

The Lathem 400e can also ring bells in your break room, and in your work area!

The worksheet below shows that you can use this clock to ring a little beeper in the break room, and also loud bells in the work shop or warehouse area.

Use these settings to schedule an audible signal at the start and stop of shifts. You can play a melody on the units internal speaker, connect an externally powered bell or horn, or both.  You can select different sound durations to indicate different events.  For example, a short 3 second warning signal could be played a few minutes prior to a long 18 second signal to indicate the start of the work shift. Please note that the units relay connection (located on the back of the unit) does not provide power to external devices, and is limited to 30 volts and .5 amps, so use an external power supply to ring those bells.  By adding our external isolated power supply, It can also be used to ring your existing bell and buzzer system. 

Lathem 400e Bell Schedule Instructions.jpg
Default setting is OFF.   Number of events (times):  12.  Each event can run on 1,2,3,4,5,6, or 7 days and still count as "one" event. 

Enable = Enable event to occcur.  You can turn events On or Off
Time of Day = Time the event should occur during the day 
Days of Week = Days of week event should occur
Duration = Number of seconds a tone is played and/or relay is activated
Signal Type = Tone will play melody on units internal speaker.  Relay will activate the dry contact relay on back of device for controlling external devices.  Both will play a melody and activate the relay.