Hand Punch Hurricane Cabinet
Fast Access Raintight Hand Punch Cabinet

Provides significant protection from rain, sleet, snow, splashing water, dust, wind and unwanted prying eyes. This is the best.

Our Price: $429.00
HandPunch Cabinet

RSI Hurricane Hand Punch Cabinet
This item ships worldwide.


Got a rough environment?  This fixes that.
The factory message:

"A little rain never hurt anyone, and a lot of rain won't hurt the Hurricane enclosure.
Constructed from high-impact ABS plastic which is naturally water resistant.
A generous lid offers protection from driving rain, and the contoured design facilitates water runoff."

We can tell you from direct experience (see above), these work very, very well.





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3 Lbs installed
14” Tall, 12” Wide, 10.5” Deep
9 lbs shipping weight

This HandPunch Cabinet fits the following models: 
HandPunch 50E       HandPunch 2000
HandPunch 1000       HandPunch 3000       HandPunch 3000E
HandPunch 1000E    HandPunch 4000       HandPunch 4000E