Upper Die Plate
Upper Time Stamp Die Plate

Solid Brass Metal Die Plate for Widmer, Rapidprint and Acroprint automatic document stamping machines. Up to two lines, 24 characters including spaces per line.

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Custom die plate

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Upper Custom Die Plate


2024 DEC20 PM420


Rapidprint, Acroprint, Simplex, Widmer

Up to 24 Characters per line
2 line maximum
It prints better, and less loud, if you keep each plate to 2 lines or less.

How to install new die plates in an automatic date and time stamp

  • New die plates need to be adjusted.  They always need to be adjusted.
  • To do this:  Back the plate screws out two turns. 
  • Cut a piece of paper (use someones business card, that's the right thickness) just narrow enough to fit behind the plate, between the screws.
  • Slide it behind the plate. 
  • Be careful not to slide it so far forward that it touches the print wheels. 
  • Tighten the screws and test.
  • You will probably have to add or delete more paper, moving it to the center,
    left, and/or right as needed to make it print better. 
  • Adjusting the plates is both an art and a science.
  • Order the plates with a new machine or service, and we will do it for you.