Detex ProxiPen II TAG Reader
ProxiPenII - no software

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Click 128 Detex 30mm Checkpoint TagGCS-PP-TAG30-U$4.95
Click 129 Detex 50mm Checkpoint TagGCS-PP-TAG50-N$13.00
Click 244 Detex ProxiPen HolsterDetex Holster GCS-PP-HOL$82.00
Click 71 Detex Keyfob TagGCS-PP-KF-U$10.25
Click 259 Detex TopGuard Incident BookGCS-PP-INCBK-2$94.00
Click 263 Detex ProxiPen Data Transfer UnitProxipen GCS-PP-DTU$0.00
Click 77 ProxiPen-3 Kit w/Advanced Reprts & Mobile DownloadPP-3 Kit w/adv reports, mobile download$1,225.00
Click 79 Detex ProxiPenII End CapBattery Cap$43.00


Detex ProxiPen 2
ProxiPen II Reader (only)
Model:  CE0891
Temporarily out of stock.

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Waterproof & Weatherproof -  Actually works under water!
Stop the Guards from damaging your expensive equipment 
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  • No physical contact needed to get a “Read“
  • ProxiPen’s data points are Radio Frequency Identification tags
  • (RFID) tags which the ProxiPen senses and reads automatically
    whenever they come into its reading range
  • User Replaceable standard AA battery
  • Stored data is preserved in non-volatile memory.
  • To discourage tampering, the ProxiPen disables itself
    if the battery is removed for longer than 10 minutes

    and records the time and date the battery was removed.

We stock Detex supplies for ALL Detex guard tour machines

Detex ProxiPen Reader

  • Compact, easy to handle, 5 ounces.
  • It is Waterproof to 50 feet!  Explosion-Proof.
  • Range: 2 - 3" from transponder with 30MM tag
  • 3 - 4" with optional 50MM tags
  • Reads through wood, glass, paint, plaster, etc.
  • Memory Capacity of ProxiPen:
         4063 registrations between downloads
  • Easy and fast <1 minute complete download.
  • Power Supply:  One AA cell, available everywhere
  • Replace the battery just twice a year - no special tools needed
  • Every time you download the punches, the battery condition is reported

"No problem."   Just call us up until 5PM.

36 Month aka 3 Year Guarantee
Detex ProxiPen Software Manual (click here to download)

See The Summary Report 
See The Tour Report    See The Report Index
This is the Owners Manual:  Download from here.
2014: Downloadable literature - in a PDF Format
This is how you use it

Guard Signoff Sheet - We made this, download it.

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