Linortek Netbell-NTG

Built-in Web-Based Bell Controller/Multi-Tone/Message Generator. Self-Contained, No additional Software or Designated Computer Required. 10 Speakers included.

Our Price: $2,736.00

The Netbell-NTG-C10 is a network enabled, custom designed,  affordable and easy to implement Public Address Systems, which can be used to produce timed or manually triggered custom sounds to signal start and stop work, lunch breaks, shift changes, emergency alarm, service notification, as well as for background music or recordings, live announcements in schools, factories, businesses, warehouses, industrial facilities.

This kit includes a network enabled Netbell-NTG tone and message generator/controller, one high quality amplifier, and two loudspeakers. All software and mounting hardware required for installation and operation are included. This is a very simple to install system, all you need are speaker wires to install the speakers in series.  

The Netbell-NTG comes with tone/message generating, event scheduling hardware and software in one compact unit. It comes with 40 standard tones/messages and the capacity of adding/recording custom tones and/or voice message over 10 hours. 16 tones/messages can be selected/activated by schedule and/or the digital inputs. 

Web-based Break Time Scheduling With the built-in web interface, you can access, control and schedule different tones for different events over a network or the Internet from a standard web browser remotely, no software to install, no designated computer required. The built-in software includes everything you need to select tones, add up to 500 programmable weekdays/calendar-based event schedules from a few clicks. 
Play Background Music You can also connect the amplifier to a music source (your computer or a MP3 player) to play background music, the Netbell-NTG will pause the music to signal your scheduled breaks, and then it will switch to play the background music. 
Live & Pre-recorded Alerts This system offers emergency features to play live & pre-recorded alerts. With a microphone connected to the amplifier, you can make live announcement for emergency and everyday communications. With push button connected to the digital inputs, you can activate pre-recorded event messages up to 10 hours for severe weather warnings, fire evacuation instructions, medical emergency and more to the Netbell-NTG SERVER and trigger those events. You can also activate notifications when hazardous conditions are identified, like smoke or chemical spills with a sensor connected to the input and program on the software with IF… THIS…THEN…DO THAT statement.