LED Digital Clock
Linortek Digital Clock

Digital LED Wall Clock. Powered by your Netbell interval timer. 17.5" wide, 6.3" tall, it is highly visible.

Retail Price: $478.00
Our Price: $430.00
Netbell LED Clock

The Linortek LED Digital Clock works with Netbell systems.  The digital clock is a plug & play solution which can be plugged directly to the Netbell device. No confguration required, time signal and power comes from the Netbell box.  Perfectly and exactly synchronizes with all Netbell systems.

Works with the following models purchased after June 1, 2020

Netbell-K      Netbell-K-M2       Netbell-KB         Netbell-KB-M2      Netbell-KB-E2M
Netbell-KL    Netbelll-KL-M2     Netbell-KL-E1    Netbell-KL-E2M     Netbell-4K

Linortek LED Digital Clock Specifications

Character Height:  4" Hours and Minutes

  • Size  17.5" wide x 6.3"Tall x 1.5"Deep

  • Mount:  Surface

  • Frame:  Aluminum (Black Anodized Finish)

  • Weight: 3 lbs to the wall

  • Visibility:  250'

  • Display:  4-Digit, Red Super Bright LED on high contrast Black background

  • Operating Range:  0 to +65 Celsius, 32 to 140 degrees, Farenheit

  • Humidity:  0% to 95%, Non-Condensing

  • Connection:  Includes a 3 meter (9.75' (feet')) 4 conducter wire, customer

  • can self-extend to 25

  • User selectable 12 or 24 hour display (set on Netbell software)

  • Power:  Powered by the netbell scheduling devices. direct cable (included) no 110V needed

  • UPC:  01-850-00063