TimeSync Software

Pyramid TimeSync software is required for Pyramid Wireless and PoE systems. One time purchase, unlimited tech support

Retail Price: $783.00
Our Price: $699.00

Pyramid TimeTrax Sync Software

This is a one-time purchase.

TimeTrax Sync software is delivered on a CD Includes free technical support, via Pyramid Technologies, USA
Load this software on to your server, it links up with the NTSP clocks for atomic time accuracy. It then finds your Pyramid clocks on your network and broadcasts the time to them.

Using user selectable settings, you can program it to adjust for daylight savings - or not.
Even customize the settings if they change again, nationally, regionally, etc.  

Overview:  Simple to use interface, enables the user to monitor and set up every TimeTrax Sync RF Wireless Transmitter or PoE IP Network Synchronzed clock from their desktop PC. 
Includes NTP server selection, UTC/GMT offset selections, and as discussed above, user selectable/settable Daylight Savings adjustments. 
Geek speak:  Push individual or global settings to PoE IP Network Clocks as needed. You can now work with World Clock, Time Zone Offset applications.
                      Pyramids software engineers (in Connecticut, USA), can help you with all of this.  Brilliantly written, very logical software. 
This software is included with Pyramid wireless master clocks (9T1W1 and S9DWXSLAUB) and the various POE packages that we have presented for sale. 
This is only software, time clocks are sold separately.

It's flexible by design:  Since it comes with the time transmitters and packages, you can mix and add POE clocks to transmitter systems.

TimeTrax Sync is included in many of the Pyramid master clock systems, and is required for POE clocks.


TimeTrax Sync comes with Pyramid Wireless Transmitters and PoE IP Network Synchronized kits.

This software is required if you want to run Pyramid PoE and IP Network clocks
It also comes with an elegant bell scheduling module - which requries a bell module (5300).
.... Contact us for information about that. This leads off into an area of bells, buzzers, paging systems, which we have a fair amount of experience to share.

Operating System: 

Windows 7, Windows 10, Server 2013, Server 2016, and higher
Any CD ROM, or if that is not convenient, it can be shipped as a digital download.
Memory requirements:  512MB of RAM
Windows PC: Pentium 300 MHz Processor

Description:   Pyramid TimeTrax Sync clock software interfaces with Pyramid PoE IP Network Synchronized wall clocks. The dashboard enables user to view, monitor and configure transmitters and clocks from a desktop PC. Choose network settings, NTP server, UTC/GMT offset, and automatic Daylight Saving Time settings. Push individual or global settings to PoE IP Network Clocks for World Clock/Time Zone offset applications.
This software is included with Pyramid TimeTrax Sync RF Wireless Transmitter.
Pyramid TimeTrax Sync PoE IP Network Synchronized Analog and Digital Clocks sold separately.
Enables the user to view, monitor and configure Pyramid TimeTrax Sync PoE IP Network Synchronized Clock from a desktop PC (clocks sold separately)
Configures network settings,
NTP server selection, DST adjustments and universal or individual time source/zoneIncludes bell scheduling interface
Pyramid Bell Ringer and Bells sold separately
PC compatible
Features:  It's a CD that comes in a case.
Depth: 1/2" Width: 5-1/4"Height: 7-3/4"Features: 1 1/2"
TTSync Synchronized Clock Software
Case Color: Teal.