Hand Punch Repairs
Hand Punch Repairs

HandPunch repair including new antimicrobial platen. Estimates are free. Hand Punch models 50E, 1000, 2000, 3000 and 4000. Fast service! USA-Only. CALL US NOW.

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HandPunch Clock Service

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Click 127 Hand Punch Antimicrobial PlatenHand Punch Replacement Parts$99.00
Click 154 Hand Punch keyHand Punch Replacement Parts$0.00
Click 265 HandPunch Ethernet ModuleHand Punch Replacement Parts$425.00
Click 155 HandPunch Power SupplyHand Punch Replacement Parts$54.00


Hand Punch Service

We will replace your worn HandPunch platen with a new AntiMicrobial silver oxide coated platen.
Scientific fact:  Silver kills viruses. 
The new platen says "antimicrobial" on it, with a hand outline, guiding the employees hands.

About us:  32 years hands-on experience. 22 years on the internet, and counting.


What we do:
1)  We will clean the outside of the machine
2)  Back up your hand punch images and Id's* - and restore them after servicing.
3)  Remove the old worn out hand punch platen and install an improved, new platen
4)  Bio-Clean the mirrors, camera and optical lenses
5)  Check the clock's accuracy
After this is done, we will then recalibrate everything, returning the device back
     to factory-new specifications.

*In most cases, you will not have to re-install your supervisors and employees.

All work is guaranteed for One Year. This Hand Punch Repair Service can add years to your current system.

In ALL cases - except for the rare occurence when a Network Card needs to be replaced, all communication settings will be retained - no resetting on your part.  Just hang it back on the wall, power it up and go back to work - within a few days of shipping it to us.  You can overnight, we can overnight, 2nd day, 3rd day, ground - all by UPS or FedEx - its up to you.  All shipping is additional.

We also stock HandPunch board batteries, software updates and employee upgrades, digital displays, modems, network cards, finger alignment posts, mirrors, power supplies, and other parts. 
Hand Punch readers are no longer in production, parts and upgrades are in limited supply. 

You can ship it in without paying in advance, we would then email and call with a quote for service.  If you decide to repair it, then we go forward.  If not, we can ship it back to you.
Hand Punch readers are no longer in production, parts and upgrades are in limited supply. Our Hand Punch repair service can add years to your current system.

As a matter of security, always take a photo of the serial number of your machine - use your cell phone - before shipping it to us.  Feel free to call with any questions, or click on the chat button.