Pyramid 5300 Workshift Timer Module
Pyramid PTR5300 Workshift Timer

Connect the Pyramid 4000, 5000, or TimeTrax clock to a bell with this component. Now you can ring bells!

Our Price: $115.00

Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 87 6" 24V Pyramid DC Bell41361$94.00
Click 89 8" 24V Pyramid DC Bell8" 24V Pyramid DC Bell (quieter)$99.00
Click 407 25' Insulated bell wire25' Insulated bell wire$19.95
Click 404 50' Insulated bell wire50' Insulated bell wire$29.50
Click 405 100' Insulated bell wire100' Insulated bell wire$34.50
Click 413 250' Insulated bell wire250' Insulated bell wire$79.00
Click 83 110V Bell and Buzzer Power Supply110V Power Supply$49.00
Click 88 6" 110V AC Bell 96-102dB6" 110V AC bell$99.00
Click 86 4" 110V AC Buzzer 102db4" 110V AC Indoor Buzzer$139.00


Pyramid 5300   24VDC Bell Module Signal Controller

 Made in USA

Connects by cable to Pyramid 4000 clocks, and Pyramid Wireless Masters
 If you have questions setting this up, or on how it works, call us.

How this works:


  •  A flat RJ45 connector cable (included) connects this to the clock
  •  110V plug goes to the wall
  •  Connect the bell or horn with two strand “lamp cord” - it's easy
  •  You connect the bells or horns to this,
      --  or using our  optional relay* to run your EXISTING BELLS
    * Using our (custom, from us) relay component, 


    you can run multiple bells off this device
    It's on the list of options and accessories, #197

Pyramid 5300 workshift timer add-on

This is it!  When you connect the 5300 to a Pyramid computerized clock, you will have access to this software.

If it is connected to a Pyramid 4000 or 5000 time card clock, then you enter the times manually at the clock.  1000's of people have successfully set this up.