COVID-19 Contactless Time Clocks

COVID-19 Cornonavirus Time Clocks aka Contactless Time Clocks

RFID keyfob clocks:

Present your keychain to the front of the clock. It automatically registers the punch.
          No Contact. Just you holding your keyfob
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Facial Recognition clocks: 

Stop, look, move-on.  No contact. It automatically registers the Punch.
   Yes, they work flawlessly...... 
        Some can also use RFID keyfobs for rapid employee turnover

          No Contact. Stop - Look - Go.

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PC Punch and SmartPhone Time Clock Apps:

Clock IN and OUT, Work At Home.
Method: An Icon on your home-remote PC, and/or use your SmartPhone, same proceedure:
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This comes with every uAttend system - you do not have to buy a physical clock to get this app.

"Time is the longest distance between two places." - Tennessee Williams Source: Williams, T. (1947). "The Glass Menagerie."