uAttend JR2000
JR2000 Web Punch Clock

Smart Punching for faster employee punching with less mistakes. Easy to navigate touchscreen, fingerprint reader, RFID reader, PIN option. Web-hosted. LAN and WiFi communications. Free Shipping USA-50

Our Price: $179.00

Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 517 uAttend RFID FobuAttend RFID Fob, pack of 25$65.00
Click 516 uAttend & Citadel RFID BadgeRFID Badge Q: 10$25.00
Click 124 40 Card Badge RackSwipe and RFID Card Holder$29.00
Click 523 uAttend SmartPhone and Remote PunchRemote employee time clock app$0.00


uAttend JR2000 Time Clock

Touchscreen device connects via LAN or WiFI.  
Employees Punch using the built-in biometric Fingerprint or RFID reader
Never miss a punch:  The JR2000 captures punches while offline
Easy fingerprint registration broadcasts the fingerprint to all other clients JR devices!
Lifetime free USA/Canada product replacement, excluding gross neglect and vandalism

Smart Punching for faster employee punching with less mistakes
Only Register Fingerprints Once:  automatically sends to other JR devices
Easy to navigate Large Touchscreen
Biiometric Fingerprint Reader
RFID Reader
PIN Punching Option
No-hassle Fingerprint Registration
WiFi and LAN accessable

The JR2000 is the lowest priced time recorder on the market that features a touchscreen, biometric reader, RFID KeyFob enabled, LAN and Wi-Fi ready.
Includes Store and Forward mode:  The JR2000 captures punches when offline, then sends them to the cloud as soon as a connection is established.

Reasonable cost of operation, fantastic technical support
Innovations and upgrades are automatically released at no charge
Web-hosted system, you always have the newest, best version at your fingertips-
   Regardless of where you ARE!  
Web-Punch is included.  All your workers can punch in from their cell phones and/or home PC's