Pyramid 7000 Work Shift Timer

FAST SHIPPING. Signal controller that rings bells also controls wall clocks. Can replace a Sonachron! Call us for more information, read the details below. EASIEST SETUP ON THE MARKET. In stock, fast

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Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 115 Surge ProtectorPower surges are not covered w/o surge protection$14.95
Click 87 6" 24V Pyramid DC Bell6" 24V Pyramid DC Bell 96dB$90.00
Click 47 4" 24DC Pyramid Horn, 98dB4" 24DC Vibrating Horn, Low Voltage$239.00
Click 407 Bell Wire25' Insulated bell wire$19.95
Click 404 Bell Wire50' Insulated bell wire$34.95
Click 405 Bell Wire100' Insulated bell wire$44.95
Click 413 Bell Wire250' Insulated bell wire$94.95
Click 95 Pyramid Digital ClockSynchronized 4" 4 digit clock$189.00
Click 786 Pyramid Digital Clock with SecondsSynchronized 4" 6 digit clock with seconds$219.00
Click 232 Pyramid Dial Face ClockSynchronized 13" Child Clock$180.00


Pyramid 7000 scheduled work shift timer and master clock


Master Clock System Overview:

  • Standard one circuit system
  • Powers up to 35 6" or 8" Pyramid low voltage bells, max distance 300'*
  • Synchronize up to 200 digital, or 8 analog wall clocks, max distance 300' 
  • Optional power booster may be needed above 8 bells and beyond 200'
  • Set up to 300 variable duration “events“ in a day - plenty of rings for most any operation
  • Each event is the time, like 7AM.  7AM ringing 5 days, M-F is just one "event."
  • Keeps time even when the power is off
  • Resets for Daylight Savings - user select-able setting
  • This is an old picture, they are now black. 
    We've been selling AND INSTALLING these since 1996.

     Suggested Set-up with Bells and Strobe Work Alerter Lights:  

     Run up to 8 low voltage bells and lights, on one circuit.



The Pyramid 7000 master clock runs up to 200 digital clocks and 35 bells (or 20 buzzers)



  • It's the size of a paperback book 6“ high, 5 1/2“ wide, 2“ Deep
  • 24VDC - That's why we designed our custom module to run 110 volts

It can run up to 200 digital or analog “Child“ shop time clocks - so that everyone knows what time it is and have no excuse to wander around during the day, wasting time (and your money). Visible up to 250' away.  Large 4" bright red LED numbers.
We can make this run AC, click here to see how.

Why do business with Employee Time Clocks?
1) We have over 600 of these systems installed (as of December 9, 2020)
2) We are not copying a catalog to the website, we know this equipment inside and out.
3) We have actual installation and on-site problem solving experience

In this business, we are unique, and that is why you should call us.


This is an example we made.
Step 1:  Make a template like the one below.
Step 2:  Fill it out.  You can set the system to ring up to 72 times a day.
             You set how long it rings for each ring event.
             Look closely at our example, there are two minute warnings.


Information you will not find anywhere else...

You can run 16 bells, plus 16 analog clocks, and unlimited digital clocks off of the 7000, And 16 low voltage Pyramid bells off the 5300.  It's not that easy.  So we did the research.

Pyramid digital clocks self-amplify the time signal and forward it to the next clock via the company's proprietary BCD cable.  You must have a digital clock (or a 5300 signal amplifier) every 200' for this to work. BCD cables connect with Pyramid's again proprietary "Y" connector - which we will supply to you as many as you need at no charge (nickels and dimes).

Pyramid's 13" dial face "analog" clocks do not have this signal amplification feature.  So, every 200' or 8 clocks - whichever comes first - you need to add/purchase a PTR5300 power supply.  This amplifies the time signal and allows you to extend the range.

Bells:  Pyramid low voltage bells are 24VAC and draw a very small amount of amps.  Somewhere in the range of 100M/a.  1000M/a is 1 Amp.  When you hit 250' or so, and several bells, it will start to get quiet.  We now offer a power booster that you would connect inline, adding a fresh 1 amp and 24volts DC to run additional bells as needed.

Work with people who obsess over the details - so you don't have to.

Basic Bell Project:
One Pyramid 7000 timer
Two ETC84 6" 24VDC bells
14 to 22 gauge twin stranded cable - from Home Depot, etc

Basic Bell Project, using an existing 110V bell or Buzzer
One Pyramid 7000 timer
One ETC197 110VAC Power Supply
18 gauge twin stranded, insulated cable

Basic Bell Project, using loud 24VAC Buzzers
One Pyramid 7000 timer
One ETC026 2 buzzer/bell power supply
Two ETC02
4  4" 102db 24VAC bells
18 gauge twin stranded, insulated cable

Bell + Digital or Analog Clock Project:
One 7000 timer
Two #84 6" 24VDC bells
18 gauge twin stranded, insulated cable
One digital or analog clock # 37 or 232
One #226 50' or #227 100' Pyramid clock communication cable

Advanced Bell + Several Digital or Analog Clocks Project:
One 7000 timer
Two #84 6" 24VDC bells

18 gauge twin stranded, insulated cable
Two digital or analog clocks # 37 or 232
Two #226 50' or #227 100' Pyramid clock communication cables
One #77 Pyramid Y cable connector

You can run up to 10 digital or analog clocks on this machine, more with an amplifier.
You can go out to 3,000 feet in 100' cable sections.