Acroprint 150/AR3 Punch Clock
Acroprint Punch Clock

One Year Guarantee. Acroprint 150AR3 automatically stamping time card punch clock. Fast shipping.

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Acroprint 150

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Click 21 14 Day Time Card1900L-2 Two Sides Q: 1000$41.00
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Punch clock, Acroprint 150AR3

This is one of the ORIGINAL PUNCH CLOCKS.  
Designed by a mechanical engineer who used to work for Simplex Time Recorder, he left the company in 1969 and started his own business.  Probably a genius, he designed a totally different timing assembly, made mostly from nearly indestructable telephone plastic.  The movements rarely, extremely rarely, broke.  There was a lifetime guarantee on the movements.  Motors and brass cams wear out, but the movements... no.  Glen Robbins was a genius, and had the guts to start his own company.  Eventually employing 80 North Carolinans in Raleigh, NC.   

Well, Glen eventually went to ground, he's part of the universe now, and his son and granddaughter, took over.  They had a rough time of it, but persisted.  They have grown into a massive company that also sells online time clock systems.

In 2022, these machines are still in demand.


110V, mechanical clock, motor driven, and repairable when they (rarely) break.
Plastic case - used to be metal, they rusted, this is actually much better
Lifetime guarantee on the movement (that's the expensive part)
Two Year Guarantee on the rest. 

Print format:  Simple:    Day of week, hours and minutes.  Nothing fancy.

2 lbs, bolted to the wall.
9" tall, 8" wide, and 10" deep.

In the box:
Instructions and a local number to call for help (skip that, call US.)
Two keys.  Universal keys, they fit all Acroprint clocks since the beginning of AcroTime.
A ribbon.  One color, already installed.  Replacements are two colors, red and blue.
A template on how to bolt it to the wall... or just leave it on a bench or desk or shelf.

If you want simple, then stop right here.  This is it.


So, this is it: