Lathem Sonachron Replacement KIT
Pyramid timer, cable and 110V bell

Replacement system for Lathem DWA-S with 10' bell wire and loud 110V fire bell. Add momentary ring button, more bells and synchronized clocks. EASIEST SETUP ON THE MARKET. In stock, fast shipping.

Retail Price: $479.00
Our Price: $449.00
Lathem Sonachron System Replacement

Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 115 Surge ProtectorPower surges are not covered w/o surge protection$14.95
Click 407 Bell Wire25' Insulated bell wire$19.95
Click 404 Bell Wire50' Insulated bell wire$34.95
Click 405 Bell Wire100' Insulated bell wire$44.95
Click 413 Bell Wire250' Insulated bell wire$94.95
Click 88 6" 110V AC Bell 96dB6" 110V Indoor/Outdoor Bell$89.00
Click 78 Amber Strobe Light 110VACStrobe Light$74.99
Click 232 Pyramid Dial Face ClockSynchronized 13" Child Clock$180.00
Click 95 Pyramid Digital ClockSynchronized 4" 4 digit clock$189.00
Click 786 Pyramid Digital Clock with SecondsSynchronized 4" 6 digit clock with seconds$219.00
Click 93 BCD Cable 50'Master Clock Signal Cable$19.95
Click 94 BCD Cable 100'Master Clock Signal Cable$32.00


Pyramid 7000 scheduled workshift timer
Includes custom-made 110v-10amp protected power output

It will be black, and slightly different inside when it is delivered to you

Master clock and bell system overview:

Single Bell Circuit, run as many bells or buzzers as needed
---  Also works with Tone Generators and PA Systems
Set up to 300 events, each event (signal) can be shared on up to 7 days
--- It will easily accommodate a 3-shift operation

No need to reset, it keeps the time when the power is off
--- and restores to the correct time when it comes back on
Automatically adjusts for daylight savings - you can turn this off.

This is an old picture, now they are black.  We've been selling (and installing) these machines since 1997.

Print this out, write up your own.  Make a short one second ring for the warnings.
Pyramid 7000 and our network bell systems do this.  The Lathem Sonachron does not.


  • Pyramid 7000 masterclock terminal and easy-to-understand owners manual
  • Power supply
  • Internal 110V - 10Amp mechanical relay.  Pre-wired and tested
  • 10 Amp rated 110V grounded power cord
  • Toll-Free Telephone Support
  • One year product replacement guarantee
  • 10' bell wire cable - add more as needed!
  • Loud RED 110V fire bell, add more as needed

110VAC upgraded Pyramid 7000 scheduled timer can control:

1) Up to 200 digital Pyramid child clocks up to 300' from the timer
2) Up to eight 110VAC Bells, more with a power booster
3) Up to six 110V Loud Buzzers, more with a power booster


Momentary Contact (ring) button.
Synchronized digital wall clocks
Synchronized analog (dial face) clocks
Strobe light that flashes when the bell rings


  • 6" high, 5.5" wide, 2" deep
  • Requires two plugs (a duplex outlet)
  • Initial output is 24VDC, modified to 110VAC with 10Amp DPDT Mechanical Relay


  • Add bright, easy-to-read digital synchronized wall clocks throughout your facility
  • The 7000 can control Pyramid digital and Pyramid analog (clock face) clocks
  • We have over 800 of these systems installed (as of August, 2021)
  • We are not copying web content to our website, we know this equipment inside and out

    We have actual installation and on-site problem solving experience
    In this business, we are unique, with hands-on experience, and that is why you should call us.

Information you will not find anywhere else...

Run unlimited bells and buzzers from this timer
Run up to 200 Pyramid Digital, or 8 analog (dial face) clocks, up to 300' out.

Pyramid digital clocks self-amplify the time signal and forward it to the next clock via the company's proprietary BCD cable. 

Pyramid's 13" dial face "analog" clocks do not have this signal amplification feature.  So, every 200' or 8 clocks - whichever comes first - you need to add/purchase a PTR5300 power supply.  This amplifies the time signal and allows you to extend the range.

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