TimePilot Extreme Blue, #2 and higher
TimePilot Extreme Blue

TimePilot Extreme Blue clock with padlock and wall mounting bracket. Can be used with non-blue tooth systems, same USB port.

Our Price: $429.00
TimePilot Extreme

Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 378 TimePilot Management KeyTP Management Key$30.00
Click 380 Time Pilot USB Rugged Flash DriveTP USB Rugged Flash Drive$20.00
Click 384 TP Employee iButtons - 10TP Employee iButtons - 10$59.00
Click 385 TP Employee iButtons - 30TP Employee iButtons - 30$159.00
Click 386 TP Employee iButtons - 50TP Employee iButtons - 50$249.00
Click 387 TP Employee iButtons - 100TP Employee iButtons - 100$449.00
Click 388 TP Employee iButtons - 200TP Employee iButtons - 200$715.00


TimePilot Extreme blue tooth additional clocks

Order additional Extreme Blue clocks, here

  • One Time Pilot Extreme Blue (clock terminal)
  • One Metal Mounting Plate
  • One programmable security lock
  • It does not come with a management key, the key you already have from the "system" works this machine.  You can purchase additional management keys if you like.