Master Clock Starter Kit
Master Clock with wall clock

Pyramid master clock with one large 13" wall clock (with sweeping second hand). Add up to 8 more!

Retail Price: $599.00
Our Price: $499.00
Master clock starter kit

Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 232 Pyramid Wall ClockSynchronized 12.5" Child Clock$199.00
Click 95 Pyramid Digital Clock4 Digit Wall Clock$189.00
Click 93 BCD Cable 50'Master Clock Signal Cable$19.95
Click 94 BCD Cable 100'Master Clock Signal Cable$32.00
Click 87 6" 24V Pyramid DC Bell6" 24V Bell (96+dB)$90.00
Click 407 Bell Wire25' Insulated bell wire$19.95
Click 404 Bell Wire50' Insulated bell wire$34.95
Click 405 Bell Wire100' Insulated bell wire$44.95


Pyramid 7000 Master Clock and Synchronized Digital Wall Clocks

  • 13" tall (large) 110V wall clock, visible at 100' or more
  • Connects by included 50' Pyamid BCD cable to master clock 
  • Add up to 8 more round or large numbered digital clocks
  • Can add/mix with Pyramid 4" tall number wall clocks
  • Automatically adjusts for Daylight Savings (turn off if needed)
  • Extremely easy setup
  • This can also ring school and factory bells!
  • Made in USA, two year guarantee

In The Box:

  • One Pyramid 7000 master clock and scheduled work shift timer
  • One Pyramid 13" tall wall mounted digital wall clock with second hand
  • 50' BCD cable - connects master clock to digital clock
  • 6' 110v wire to power the wall clock
  • Complete instructions and toll-free USA support

Add Synchronized bells to this Pyramid master clock system

  • This feature is already built-in
  • School bells, break bells, work shift bells
  • Can be linked to your existing bells (not intercom)
  • Add up to 8 Pyramid low voltage (no conduit needed) bells
  • Additional clocks require additional BCD and power cables

Information you will not find anywhere else...

You can theoretically run 32 bells, plus 16 analog clocks, and unlimited digital clocks off of the 7000, And 32 low voltage Pyramid bells off the 5300.  It's not that easy.  So we did the research.

Pyramid digital clocks self-amplify the time signal and forward it to the next clock via the company's proprietory BCD cable.  You must have a digital clock (or a 5300 signal amplifier) every 200' for this to work. BCD cables connect with Pyramid's again propretory "Y" connector - which we will supply to you as many as you need at no charge (nickles and dimes).

Pyramid's 13" dial face "analog" clocks do not have this signal amplifcation feature.  So, every 200' or 8 clocks - whichever comes first - you need to add/purchase a PTR5300 power supply.  This amplifies the time signal and allows you to extend the range.

Bells:  Pyramid low voltage bells are 24VAC and draw a very small amount of amps.  Somewhere in the range of 100M/a.  1000M/a is 1 Amp.  When you hit 250' or so, and several bells, it will start to get quiet.  We now offer a power booster that you would connect inline, adding a fresh 1 amp and 24volts DC to run additional bells as needed.

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