Detex Newman
Detex Newman, solid metal watchman clock

No longer available. Production ceased 12/30/2011. Parts, supplies are still available. Best replacement: Amano PR600 system.

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Detex Newman® Info:
* The Newman was the first portable watchclock designed in America
Built in Texas to a high standard of quality and ruggedly constructed
* Simple in operation, provides maximum service with minimum wear
* The Newman was also the first portable watchclock to receive the labels of

   Underwriters Laboratories and Factory Mutual
* It is approved by insurance companies worldwide

* A record is made when a tour station key is inserted into the clock and turned
* An embossed impression is made on a preprinted paper dial within the watchclock
* This records the station and the time that the officer visited this location


* Detex Newman embosses the carbonless paper dials
* The the dial is synchronized with the clock mechanism 

We repair Detex Newmans, Detex Guardsman, Amano PR600
This item is also the NSN 6645005722451

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