Pyramid 7000 with Buzzer
Scheduled work shift timer w/low voltage buzzer

Work shift timer with low voltage synchronized manufacturing buzzer. Add more buzzers, add synchronized wall clocks as needed.

Our Price: $559.00

Accessories & Supplies:

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Click 115 Surge ProtectorPower surges are not covered w/o surge protection$14.95
Click 47 4" 24DC Pyramid Horn, 98dB4" 24DC Vibrating Horn, Low Voltage$239.00
Click 407 Bell Wire25' Insulated bell wire$19.95
Click 404 Bell Wire50' Insulated bell wire$34.95
Click 405 Bell Wire100' Insulated bell wire$44.95
Click 413 Bell Wire250' Insulated bell wire$94.95
Click 95 Pyramid Digital ClockSynchronized 4" 4 digit clock$189.00
Click 786 Pyramid Digital Clock with SecondsSynchronized 4" 6 digit clock with seconds$219.00
Click 232 Pyramid Dial Face ClockSynchronized 13" Child Clock$180.00
Click 93 BCD Cable 50'Master Clock Signal Cable$19.95
Click 94 BCD Cable 100'Master Clock Signal Cable$32.00


Synchronized work shift timer/master clock with low voltage manufacturing horn
Easy Set-up, easy to expand, extremely reliable System.

Pyramid 7000 master clock with power supply and printed owners manual
Loud 98dB Low Voltage Horn
10' stranded wired to connect horn to master clock, expand to 300'
The horn is powered by and synchronized to the Pyramid 7000 master clock
Ring 5 to 50 buzzers on this system.  Additional power may be required PTR5300 power supply), each installation is unique after 5 buzzers.

200 Scheduled events, each with a variable duration .5 to 15 seconds, shared across 7 days
A typical 3 shift (24/7) operation uses only 21 rings (events) a day, so this has plenty of room for whatever you can think up.
Low Voltage Output, 24VDC

Add more buzzers, add digital or dial face synchronized clocks, up to 300' out.

One Year USA manufacturer's replacement guarantee


Synchronized Event Scheduling Program

Ring up to 200 times a day, across 7 days
Maximum distance (can be exceeded with PTR5300 power booster):
300' using 18AWG stranded wire
Each event can ring for different durations, example: 1 second for "two minute warning", 3 seconds to head back to work.
Add more buzzers as needed
Example Schedule:



Available Upgrades:

Synchronized Digital Clocks - Large 4 digits visible at up to 250', and 6 digits - with seconds
Analog wall clocks, 13" around, with black trim rings
110V is required at each clock location, synchronized time signal travels through BCD cable, from clock to clock. 1-2-3-4-5 and so-on.  Mix and Match as desired.
Maximum 200 digital clocks, 8 dial face analog clocks (more with power booster PTR5300)