Detex Guardsman -
Guardsman Watchclock

No longer available. Production ceased 12/30/2011. Best replacement: Amano PR600 system.

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Detex Guardsman

Accessories & Supplies:

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Click 61 Detex D-Tape RollsDetex Guardsman Report Tape Rolls$0.00
Click 721 Detex Guardsman D-TapeD-Tape$0.00
Click 63 do not use $0.00
Click 65 do not use $0.00
Click 64 do not use $0.00
Click 66 do not use $0.00
Click 67 Detex Station Keybox $0.00
Click 68 Detex Plastic Box, Key and Chain $0.00
Click 69 Detex Aluminum Station Box $0.00
Click 171 do not use $0.00
Click 254 Detex Locking Station Box with Station KeyDISCONTINUED$0.00

Detex Guardsman® Information
Production Ended December 30, 2012
Best Alternative:  Amano PR600 Kit
Detex also has the best electronic watchman clock systems.
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