Lathem 7500E
100 employee totaling time clock

FACTORY FRESH, NEW. 100 Employee Self Totaling Clock. Uses the same cards as the Lathem 7000E Excellent for weekly payroll. Always in stock, same or next-day shipping. One Year Guarantee.

Retail Price: $599.00
Our Price: $445.00

Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 115 Surge ProtectorPower surges are not covered w/o surge protection$14.95
Click 9 E7 time cardE7 time card, 10 packs of 100 = 1,000$89.00
Click 173 E7 time cardE7 time card, 5 packs of 100 = 500$54.00
Click 10 Multi-Brand Ribbon, 2-packVIS6008 cartridge ribbon$24.00
Click 177 Lathem 7500 Full Power ReserveLathem Full Power Reserve Battery$0.00
Click 12 25 card time card rackLarge self-totaling clock time card holder$29.00


Lathem 7500 100 Employee Self-Totaling time clock

Now with Atomic Clock, for even greater accuracy
Supports the following pay cycles:
Daily, Weekly, and Bi-Weekly payperiods

Table or wall mount


  • Atomic clock accuracy!  
  • 100 employee capacity
  • Fast and quiet operation
  • USA Factory Guarantee  
  • Can be used for Job Costing  
  • Prints day of week and time, or date and time  
  • Optional setting:  Automatic Lunch Deduction 
  • Cartridge ribbon  
  • Accumulates total work hours 
  • Prints English, French, or Spanish
  • Automatically resets at end of pay period 
  • Print formats 12 hour/60th's or 24 hour/100th's time
  • Automatically feeds, aligns, prints, then ejects the cards for you
  • Automatically punches next-day IN if employee forgets to punch OUT Option: 
  • Operational backup battery keeps it running all day when unplugged

How 15-Minute > 1/4 Hour Rounding Works:

The cards below are not from a Lathem clock, but the result is the same.
The Lathem 7500e can be set to round to the nearest 15 minutes.
This example illustrates how this works for you:

Lathem 7500 time card