Lthem LT5000 Time STamp

LT5000 Revolutionary NEW PROGRAMMABLE two line printing automatic date and time stamp machine for courthouses and offices

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Lathem LT5000 Automatic Date Time Stamp

Prints two lines with just ONE time document insertion!
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Lathem LT5000, backed by a one year manufacturer's warranty

  • Fully customizable text messages
  • Configure up to four different print sets and chose which one to print, on-the-fly!
  • See the 4 buttons?  Select the message you want, then insert the ticket-document.
  • Customize the date and time including four-digit year, 12 or 24 hour clock, regular minutes, 10th's, or 100th's.  Example:  3:450PM  > 3.7PM  > 15.7  > 15.75
  • Programmable eight-digit sequential number can be appended to any print set.
  • All print formats and custom text messages are configured online, then installed via a standard USB flash drive.
  • Precision time base +/- 15 seconds per month uses Smart Clock Functionality which adjusts automatically for Daylight Savings.
  • Adjusts for year, month, even Leap-Year, keeps all time and date settings during power failure.
  • Automatically resets to the correct current time after power is restored.
  • Internal LED light, adjustable margin setting and built-in paper positioning guide.
  • Designed to last for 500,000 imprints.
  • Optional UPS battery allows for up to 24 hours/ 200 prints during power outage

Lathem LT5000 Automatic Date Time Stamp Machine

Country of Manufacture:  China
Brand:  Lathem
Voltage:  110 - 220 VAC
Cycles:  50/60 Hz, standard American plug provided
Print languages:  English, French, Spanish, Numeric
Print methods:  Automatic print or manual print (touch a button to print)
Dimensions:  8 1/2" Wide, 10" Deep, 8 3/4"  High
Weight:  3 lbs
Maximum document thickness:  3 carbonless pages