Icon RTC1000 V2.5
RTC1000 V2.5

Icon RTC1000 V2.5 No longer in stock, recently discontinued by Icon. Upgrades are still available, support is still available - and will be for 10 more years.

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RTC1000 V2.5

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Icon RTC1000 V2 and RTC1000 V2.5

This preceeded the P400, P600, and TotalPass time clocks

The badges and software upgrades for the RTC1000 V2.5 are the same as the P400, P600, and all TotalPass time clocks.

As of June, 2019, Icon has every intention of continuing to support the RTC1000 time clocks.

RTC1000 time clocks are not compatible with TotalPass, P400 and P600 clocks.  They will not cross-communicate.  If you need another RTC1000, you will need to find it on eBay or some secondary source, used.  

Self-Contained Linux computer time clock
Icon is owned by Paychex.  Includes exports to ADP, QuickBooks, Paychex
Communicates locally, and across the internet
Builds its own network between similar RTC1000 and upgraded SB100Pro clocks
    Not cross-compatible with TotalPass, P400, P600, or other Paychex clocks
RFID Badges and keyfobs work seemlessly with newer Icon TotalPass and Paychex clocks